Post-season upon us; final regular-season rankings

OK, here are the final regular-season rankings. No change from a week ago, except that we are within a day of the opening round of the playoffs. If the players involved aren’t excited now they never will be.

The top seeds – Casa Grande on the women’s side, Maria Carrillo on the men’s – ought to be the odds-on favorites. But those Class 3A North Coast League titles can be, and often are, elusive. Check out the Montgomery women’s team and the Carrillo men’s team of ’07. Simply put, that’s why they play the games.

And Class A is no different. That tournament also opens on Wednesday and the Sonoma Academy Coyotes women’s team begins defense of its title on Saturday night. The Class A men’s crown is almost always worn by a Marin team, but wouldn’t it be great to see a school like Roseland Prep or Calistoga (this year’s No. 2 seed) prevail?

It all begins on Wednesday. We’ll offer complete tournament predictions here tomorrow and then daily postings with results and predictions throughout the run of the postseason.

Large-school Men1. Maria Carrillo (17-0-3)
Only thing standing in Pumas way are the Pumas.
2. Windsor (14-0-4)
Real difficult path for a No. 2 seed.
3. Sonoma Valley (12-3-5)
Winning first gmae will be a challenge.
4. Analy (16-4-3)
Can Tigers beat a MCAL team? We’ll see.
5. Montgomery (14-5-2)
Vikings will probably get a revenge shot at MCAL team – on the road.


6. Elsie Allen
7. Cardinal Newman
8. Santa Rosa
9. Casa Grande
10. Petaluma
11. Healdsburg
12. Ukiah
13. El Molino
14. Rancho Cotate
15. Piner


Large-school Women
1. Casa Grande (16-1)
3 wins and Gauchos repeat, but it won’t be easy.
2. Montgomery (17-3)
Vikings coast to the semis at least.
3. Maria Carrillo (15-5)
Pumas got what they wanted – home playoff game.
4. Santa Rosa (14-5)
Can they beat two SCL teams and reach the finals?
5. Petaluma (13-5)
Trojans out to prove they are for real.

6. Ursuline
7. Sonoma Valley
8. Rancho Cotate
9. Windsor
10. Analy
11. El Molino
12. Piner
13. Healdsburg
14. Ukiah
15. Elsie Allen