Down to the semis….


Now we are at the semifinal round coming to a field near you on Wednesday night. Some surprises, but not that many.

Here we go….and along the way enjoy some photos from Saturday (Maria Carrillo/Analy men’s; Ursuline/Maria Carrillo women’s; Montgomery/Windsor women’s) games…

Men’s 3A:

No. 1 seed Maria Carrillo vs. No. 4 Montgomery.
No. 2 seed Windsor vs. No. 3 Terra Linda

Women’s 3A:

No. 1 seed Casa Grande vs. No. 4 Petaluma
No. 2 seed Montgomery vs. No. 6 Ursuline

Men’s A:

No. 1 seed Marin Academy vs. No. 5 Lick Wilmerding
No. 10 seed Branson vs. No. 3 Head-Royce

Women’s A:

No. 1 seed Sonoma Academy vs. No. 4 Middletown
No. 2 seed St. Vincent vs. No. 3 Fort Bragg