Pumas, Gauchos cling to No. 1 ranking

One thing is for sure, this time Sunday afternoon we’ll know if these rankings were accurate or not … at least for what a couple of playoff games are worth.

But over the balance of the long soccer season, the Maria Carrillo men’s team and the Casa Grande women are right where they deserve to be – No. 1.

As we reach Wednesday’s semifinal North Coast Section 3A playoff round, both teams are positioned to make it to the finals with games on their home fields.

Will it be the No.1 vs. No. 2 ranked teams and seeds in both men’s and women’s finals? We’ll soon find out.

Large-school Men

1. Maria Carrillo (18-0-3)
Team on a mission? Maybe.
2. Windsor (15-0-4)
Dream season still alive.
3. Montgomery (15-5-2)
Can Vikes be a Cinderella team?
4. Analy (16-5-3)
Tigers made Pumas a little nervous.
5. Sonoma Valley (12-4-5)
Dragons come close…again.


6. Elsie Allen
7. Cardinal Newman
8. Santa Rosa
9. Casa Grande
10. Petaluma
11. Healdsburg
12. Ukiah
13. El Molino
14. Rancho Cotate
15. Piner


Large-school Women

1. Casa Grande (17-1)
Cross-town rival Trojans won’t go away.
2. Montgomery (18-3)
Can Vikes lose to the Bears? Yep.
3. Ursuline (11-6)
No quit in Bears.
4. Petaluma (14-5)
Are Trojans that good?
5. Maria Carrillo (15-6)
Almost, but couldn’t score at the end.

6. Santa Rosa
7. Sonoma Valley
8. Rancho Cotate
9. Windsor
10. Analy
11. El Molino
12. Piner
13. Healdsburg
14. Ukiah
15. Elsie Allen