Windsor vs. Carrillo could be a classic


You won’t find Windsor High School on the list of North Coast Section Class 3A boys soccer champions.

You won’t even find the Jaguars listed as a runnerup. You know, like second place, close to first, thanks for coming.

You will find Maria Carrillo’s boys team listed among that group of champions – once. Happened in 2006. Two short years ago the Pumas won their one and only NCS boys soccer title on the same field where they will matriculate Saturday night – Santa Rosa High.

Carrillo head coach Mike Mastin was patrolling the sidelines that night in his first season at the helm for the Pumas.

But that was then. A different team, a different dream.

“Skill-wise this team (2008 Carrillo) is better. But that team had leadership and they had something to play for that if you weren’t a part of it you just couldn’t comprehend,” Mastin said.

That something was Garrett Fogg, a teammate who had died the year before.

“He was a dear friend to all of them and they played that season for him,” Mastin said. “It was clear that there was no way they were going to lose. It was something way different. They were talented, but they had Garrett as an inspiration. Luckily this team doesn’t have anything like that to motivate them.”

This Carrillo team, just like Windsor, hasn’t experienced defeat this season. The Pumas are 19-0-3 coming into the title contest and the Jaguars are 16-0-4.

“I tell everyone that my job is to simply show up and make sure I bring the soccer balls,” Mastin said.

Windsor’s head coach, Tomas Acuna, agrees when the subject of soccer talent and Carrillo is discussed.

“They are just incredible,” Acuna said. “They have talented players everywhere on the field. But I expect our team to play to a high level Saturday night.”

He also knows that Carrillo will come after his star offensive player – David Mendez – with more than one defender marking him.

Mendez will be facing all-North Bay League defender, Riley Kovatch, among others, every time he touches the ball.

“I played against David when I was younger,” Kovatch said, “but I haven’t even seen him play this year in high school.”

“We have some others who can score,” Acuna said. “While David is our biggest threat, he isn’t the only player who can put it in the net. And I like the way our back-line defense has come together. They have played better and better all season. They are communicating well and working together tactically. It’ll be an interesting evening.”

So, what is going to happen when the immovable object meets the irresistible force Saturday night?

We’ll soon find out.