So, if the Hotspur came to San Jose, would you go see them?

This just in off our high-speed sports wire. Maybe the interest level in top soccer competition really is growing in the U.S. of A.

NEW YORK (AP) ” Major League Soccer’s San Jose Earthquakes are
attempting to have Tottenham Hotspur come to the United States for
an exhibition game next summer.
Earthquakes owner Lew Wolff said Wednesday his first choice was
to have San Jose play Tottenham in England, but that the scheduling
of a trip there during MLS’s regular season was too difficult.
Wolff also said he’d like to see matches against foreign clubs
count in the MLS standings.
Spurs and San Jose announced a partnership agreement last month.
Wolff disclosed that as part of his agreement to buy the San
Jose expansion franchise, MLS agreed that David Beckham’s Los
Angeles Galaxy would make two visits a season to San Jose during
the Earthquakes’ first three seasons. Wolff doesn’t necessarily
think a star foreigner would boost his team.
“If we had a chance, we’d find another Blanco or somebody for
our market,” he said, referring to the Chicago Fire’s Cuauhtemoc
Blanco. “There aren’t 10 in the world who would change an entire

Wolff, the owner of the Oakland Athletics, spoke while in New
York for a meeting of major league baseball owners.
He said he hopes plans for a new stadium for the Earthquakes
will come together within the next year. He would like to build a
15,000-seat stadium costing $40 million ” not including real estate
” near San Jose’s airport. The team currently plays in Santa Clara.