High school soccer in the winter, such a silly notion…

OK, let’s get this straight now.
It’s beautiful outside. No rain. Not a cloud in the sky. 72 degrees…
Isn’t it a beautiful time of year for the beautiful game at the high school level?
And here is how we could do it.
Saturday we’ll schedule a triple-header at Santa Rosa High. Maybe four games, why not? 1, 3, 5 and 7 p.m. Two boys games, two girls.
Just like the NCS finals, one price gets you in all day, no re-entry policy.
All youth players 13-and-under get in free.
After each of the first three games the players from both teams and their coaches will meet with any youth players and offer a free clinic outside on the field behind the SR High side of the field.
Any youth team that wants to can sell refreshments and keep the proceeds for their team (it’s called a fund-raiser).
If you are a soccer junkie you can watch four games for the price of one and you won’t have to drive all over the place to find the games.
We do the same thing at Carrillo, Petaluma (Lucchesi), Cardinal Newman, Analy, Rancho Cotate, Montgomery and the Trione fields.
SCL and NBL teams move around, one weekend at one venue, next one somewhere else.
We promote soccer in so many ways – young kids and older kids, boys and girls, SCL and NBL … heck, maybe we even stage Q&A sessions for fans with the refs so we can all learn a little more about the game and appreciate what the officials really do.
And in the end, we become the winners and so do our best teams cause they’ll get a shot at a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!
Sounds kinda crazy, doesn’t it?