SCA's new approach to club soccer

Sonoma County Alliance, under the new leadership of Andrew Ziemer, is trying a new approach – less travel, more soccer.

Following is the SCA press release in its entirety. Your thoughts?


Sonoma County Alliance captures the heart of North Bay Soccer fanatics.

Final chance to tryout for SCA U8-10 and U14 Boys and Girls teams based out of Petaluma.

Sonoma County Alliance excitement is at a all-time high in anticipation of the final tryouts for the U8-14 age groups.
The new Director of Youth Education, Andrew Ziemer and his top level staff of coaches are seeing the benefits of the renewed vision of the SCA Soccer Club.
“Soccer in the U.S. has become too artificial in the past 10 years,” states Ziemer, “At SCA we are going back to the basics of higher standards, more soccer and less travel.
“The focus is entirely on creating an excitement about the game of soccer and more opportunities to train under the guidance of highly educated soccer coaches. If you compare the SCA program to any other program in the U.S. you will not find such a program which, included in the fees provides:
– Winter, Spring and Summer Camps
– 3 days per week training
– Friday optional training
– Goalkeeper, positional training and more.
“In fact most clubs spend a whole year’s worth of training fees in 2-3 costly tournaments which offer at most 4-6 hours of soccer if you count the pre-game warm-up.
“People are so appreciative about our approach that numbers at tryouts are at an all-time high. In fact SCA is forming several extra teams to accommodate the volume of players including the SCA North U10 Girls, U11 Girls, U12 Girls and the U11 Boys all forming two teams.
“My family and I and our coaching staff have traveled the world to find how soccer is developed and our approach is similar to the European or Central/South American way. Through a partnership with Frans Hoek, the entire SCA Club will have Jan olde Riekerink, Director of Youth Education of Ajax Amsterdam working with teams and the coaches for a 7-day period in June. We are the only soccer club in the WORLD to have such an experience.
“Many parents both old and new to SCA have been telling me that they can see the difference in SCA, and we are just getting going. Everyone is talking about the ‘soccer vibe’ that is being created. The only thing we are doing is bringing soccer back to its simplest form