Soccer Blog readers, do you really care about the sport you love?

From time-to-time I’ve wondered if the readers of the Soccer Blog would like to make a difference. Rather than ranting and raving, complaining and criticizing, if they would give back in at least some small way to the sport they profess to love, THE BEAUTIFUL GAME…

So, we’ll start here, giving you opportunities so show you do care. And while this may be your first chance, it won’t be the last cause we intend to list more in the future just to see how sincere you are in your love for the game.


Here’s the deal:

Cardinal Neman seniors – Trevor Wilkinson and Chris Catelli – have played soccer in Sonoma County for the past dozen years. For their combined Senior Service Project over the past six months they have collected over 600 pounds of soccer gear, much-needed gear for 500-700 kids, to send to Nicaragua.

They actually surpassed their original goal in terms of the amount of gear they would acquire. Now comes the trick – getting it there.

Bottom line is they need $1,900 to ship it all. To that end they are hosting a bar-b-q dinner from 5-7 p.m. this Friday (March 27th) at the Cardinal Newman Athletic & Convocation Center.

The meal will cost you $20 (cash only) at the door, $10 for children 14 & under.

And if you can’t make it you can donate to: Trevor Wilkinson, 1000 Piner Road, SR, Ca. 95403.

Now, let’s see how much Soccer Blog readers really do care.

My 20 bucks is on the way…