Final: Barca 2, Man U. NIL !

While still trying to figure out how Messi got high enough to score Barcelona’s second goal ….

– They estimated the world-wide TV audience at 200 million for today’s Champion League final. Heck, that’s twice as many folks as voted on the American Idol final…

– Once again, and it almost always happens this way, the winning soccer team is the one that can control the ball. That means they control the ball by passing it, not playing with it. Barca was so skilled, one-, two-touch and pass it and move. That’s why they call it the beautiful game.

– How frustrated was Christiano Ronaldo? One a 1-10 scale I’d put it at about an 8.

– The refereeing was pretty good, overall. And there were a fair share of dives on the pitch.

– And just think that was only a prelude to the World Cup in a couple of years. The ratings on this Cup ought to be off the chart!

– P.S. Not a bad prediction in the previous post … he said while patting himself on the back….