Yes, the annoying vuvuzela will be heard

By Chris Ziemer

(Editor’s note: Chris Ziemer, Sonoma Academy athletic director and head girls soccer coach, is blogging for The Press Democrat at the World Cup in South Africa).

Durban, South Africa –

Durban is the place to be…

I arrived safely in Durban, where I will be based.  It is being billed at the Warmest Place to Watch the Cup.  World class soccer, world class beaches…does it get any better?


Charlie Brown playing for Slovenia…

Don’t the Slovenia jerseys look like Charlie Brown’s favorite  T-shirt?  Let’s hope they play like Charlie Brown too.


If you can’t beat them, join them…

I fell to peer pressure and now own a vuvuzela.  As I found out yesterday, they don’t limit the use to the stadiums, or even outdoors.  Anywhere, anytime.  It came with a bottle of advil, which students at Sonoma Academy may need next fall as I take to the hallways with my new toy.


The advantages of waking up at 3 a.m…

There aren’t many, as I struggle to adapt to the new time zone, but the sunrise this morning made it worth it.  I hope not to see it everyday, but will definitely make sure I catch it a few more times.


Ready for the games to start…

You can only talk about the World Cup for so long, so everyone is ready to get playing.  The entire country is dressed in the Gold & Green uniforms of the Bafana Bafana in anticipation of the opening game vs. Mexico.  Nothing else matters.  It’s everywhere you look, dominating every conversation, every ad and TV show.  The World Cup has finally arrived in South Africa!


Word/saying of the day…

 lekker (lekk-irr with a rolling r) – Nice, good, great, cool or tasty.  Are you ready for some Lekker soccer?


My “I’m at the World Cup in South Africa” moment for today…

Is there any question…I own a lekker vuvuzela!