Tuesday's (Oct. 20th) predictions

Now we begin some serious jostling for positions in the NCS playoffs for some teams, for others it’s a chance to play the spoiler role.

While games this time of year sometimes seem meaningless, oh they are far from that. Come Selection Sunday (Nov. 1) the result of today’s game might mean the difference between a trip north for an opening-round game or a second-round matchup with an incredibly difficult opponent.

So, don’t think today’s games aren’t important.


PREDICTION: (at) Montgomery 3, Cardinal Newman 2
Once upon a time this would have been a top-flight matchup anytime of the year, tonight it’ll be for bragging rights.

PREDICTION: (at) Elsie Allen 2, Maria Carrillo 1
Pumas will come close and this is just the type of game the Lobos need right now.
Final: Maria Carrillo 2, Elsie Allen 0

PREDICTION: (at) Ukiah 3, Rancho Cotate 0
I’ll say one thing for the Cougars, they aren’t winning but they are leaving it all on the field.

PREDICTION: (at) Santa Rosa 3, Piner 1
OK, OK, sorry to tell you this, Panthers, but I must  jump aboard the bandwagon before it leaves the station. I am getting closer and closer to anointing you as one of, if not the postseason favorite to win it all.
Final: Santa Rosa 3, Piner 2


PREDICTION: (at) El Molino 4, Healdsburg 3
Just a hunch, but maybe the Lions are about to play their best game of the year.
Final: El Molino 3, Healdsburg 0

PREDICTION: Windsor 2, (at) Sonoma Valley 1
Always a tough place to play, the Jags will outlast the Dragons in what may turn out to be the best game of the day.

PREDICTION: Casa Grande 1, (at) Petaluma 0
OK, this is the matchup du jour. The Gauchos and Trojans tied the first time around on the other side of Petaluma. Now they come to the Trojans house. For some reason I think Petaluma is actually the better team, but I can’t pick against the two-time defending champs until…
Final: Casa Grande 2, Petaluma 2 (2ots)