Willits left out in the cold … you agree?

Corner Kicks doesn’t confess to being a seeding saviour or anything close.

Nor will he dispute the integrity of the North Coast Section.

But now that the tournament has run its course, it has been brought to our attention that there might have been a slight (in the NCS mind) or large (in the offended school’s mind) oversight on seeding Sunday.

You could look this up, but I’ll save you the trouble. Boys Div. III, the No. 6 seed was SF University. Record: 9-11-4. Left off the seeding chart (16 teams made it) were the Willits Wolverines. Record: 13-2-2.

As it was aforementioned, Corner Kicks is no off-the-chart intellect when it comes to seeding, but…….OMG!

And don’t play the “strength of schedule” card on me here. I don’t care if SF Uni played FC Barcelona and AC Milan …. 9-11-4 is what it is. Just like 13-2-2 has a different sort of ring to it regardless of the talent level of the competitors.

The three-person committee sitting alone in the room that day must have had a very good reason to leave the Wolverines home. Maybe they should go explain it to them on Willits awards night…