Well done, Shawnee

Now, let’s pause for a moment. Everyone needs to take a deep breathe before we head down the aisle and commence with the coronation proceedings for Maria Carrillo’s girls soccer team.

They are incredible, but first this word from … the other side.

There was a picture in Thursday’s PD, page C4 if you are interested or you can find it on this website, of Carrillo’s Katie Mohr scoring the Pumas’ first goal of a 6-0 whitewash of Santa Rosa. The ball is slipping not past but through the legs of Panther goalie Shawnee Phillips.

Now in soccer lingo that is called a “nutmeg.” Kinda quaint term. Makes ya think of egg nog, doesn’t it?

“Nutmegs” aren’t accomplished that often and normally they aren’t intentional.

They just happen and while not humiliating to the recipient, they are embarrassing. Usually they draw a dirisive reaction from the fans and the players on the sidelines.

But back to the point of all of this – Phillips. If ever a picture wasn’t worth a thousand words, this one isn’t. Oh, not the composition of the photo. Fine picture. In focus. Ball is there. Players positioned just right. But does it tell the story of the night? Hardly.

By an unofficial count the halftime score (it was 2-0) could have been 7-0 had it not been for Phillips. The Puma forwards were running free like track sprinters, unmarked most of the first half and Phillips was, well, she was spectacular.

You see, you just don’t stop Mohr, Tosti & Co. that often in one-on-one situations if you aren’t spectacular. By the second half Phillips was worn down. The rampage on the Panther goal never ceased.

Yes, you owe it to yourself to see this Puma team play this season.

But you also need to see Phillips in the SR goal.

Shawnee … well done.