Taking a stab at predicting top NCS seeds

We are about two weeks away from the annual North Coast Section seeding meetings. Halloween to be exact.

And, since CornerKicks will be away on vacation until then, it seems appropriate to punch in our predictions for the top four large-school boys and girls teams.

The first round of the tournament begins on Nov. 3.

The quarterfinals will be contested Nov. 7.

The semifinals will be played Nov. 10.

And we will crown the champions on Nov. 13.

But first let’s get down to predictions on the top four seeds.


1. MARIA CARRILLO – Come on, this one is a no-brainer. This Puma team is talented all over the field. And while they aren’t the best girls team ever in the Empire, they are probably right up there among the Top 10 teams all-time.

2. MONTGOMERY — The Vikings have lost (2-1) and tied the Pumas. That alone puts them as the next best candidate to win the title this season.

3. URSULINE – Surprise team of the year. The Bears, under the guidance of John Gilson, have continually played better and better as a team and by tournament time … well, who knows.

4. CASA GRANDE — You didn’t really think the Gauchos were going to disappear this season, did you? They play everyone tough. No one should take them for granted come tournament time.


1. MONTGOMERY – The Vikings get tested every time out and so far, so good. They are the surprise of the boys field this season.

2. SONOMA VALLEY — The Dragons always seem to be good, but just not good enough to win an NCS title. Things might change this year cause the SCL has given SV plenty of difficult competition all season long. They will be well-prepared come tournament time.

3. DRAKE — Marin’s entry in the field. Remember Marin Catholic a year ago? Drake isn’t that good, but it is good.

4. MARIA CARRILLO — Mystery team. Could be No. 4 seed, could drop down much further. The Pumas need some quality wins down the stretch.