Analy field 1, Newman’s Corriveau 0

From the “If only I could have seen this” file.

As you might suspect, the tension was high as Analy and Cardinal Newman entered the penalty kick phase of their NCS semifinal game at Analy on Thursday night.

Due to the recent rains, the Analy field was, well, not good. So much so that it probably really hurt the home team’s talents with ball skills and speed more than it did the visitors.

But I digress.

So, the Cardinals are on the verge of pulling off this monumental upset and the sidelines is poised to rush the field in celebration.

Then the moment comes and Newman wins.

The sidelines erupts and rushes the field with Newman assistant coach Tom Corriveau in hot pursuit.

Now you kinda have to know Corrriveau a little bit to really appreciate the scene. He is one of the nicest, classiest guys around and his son, Ryan, was one of the best forwards ever to don a CN uniform.

But as Tom ran onto the field his feet gave way on the slippery turf and he landed on his backside. No injuries, just a good old-fashioned laugh.

I wasn’t there to witness this momentous occasion but it was relayed to me by a very reliable source.

Should CN pull off another upset on Saturday night and win the NCS title it’s doubtful Corriveau will have a repeat performance – no rain in the forecast, game will be played on Santa Rosa High’s artificial surface.