Championship game predictions

OK, we have reached the end of the road. And although I still wish this tournament would move on to the regional and state level, it is what it is … a glorified semi-local event.

Alas, we now give you the winners.


Boys: Sonoma Academy at Anderson Valley, 2 p.m.

The memory of AV coach Tom Smith lingers. SA coach Chris Ziemer is a brillliant tactician and motivator. The difference will come down to talent and home field/home crowd advantage. The signs point to AV in this one. Too much emotion for the Coyotes to overcome.

PREDICTION: Anderson Valley 3, Sonoma Academy 1
FINAL: Anderson Valley 2, Sonoma Academy 1

Girls: Roseland Prep vs. St. Vincent, 1 p.m. at SR High

St. Vinny has been there, done that. RP is new to this championship gig. Won’t be a whole lot of folks there at 1 o’clock, but enough to make it something unlike RP has ever experienced.

PREDICTION: St. Vincent 2, Roseland Prep 1
FINAL: St. Vincent 2, Roseland Prep 0


Boys: Marin Academy vs. Justin-Siena, 2 p.m. at Drake High

Only wish we had a rooting interest in this one. We don’t. We’ll go by past title games and simply say that MA is too balanced, too talented.

PREDICTION: Marin Academy 2, Justin-Siena 0
FINAL: Marin Academy 4, Justin-Siena 0


Boys: Cardinal Newman vs. Montgomery, 4 p.m. at SR High

On the surface this one is easy to predict. CN stopped Analy in the semifinals at Analy but it took an incredible performance by the Cardinals keeper and a sloppy field to do so. Analy’s game didn’t equate to a sloppy track, neither does Montgomery’s. And guess what? It won’t be sloppy today at SR High. It’s not raining and it’s an artificial surface. Newman will pack in the defense and hope for another brilliant effort. But if the Vikings score early and force CN to attack … oh, my, it might get ugly. Just getting here will be a success for Newman.

PREDICTION: Montgomery 3, Cardinal Newman 0

Girls: Maria Carrillo vs. Casa Grande, 7 p.m. at SR High

The coronation ceremony for the Puma girls has gone on all season. No one expected them to lose (they haven’t) and no one expected them not to walk off with the championship tonight. But I have a colleague who always proclaims in such matters: “That’s why they play the games.” Oh, yes. Casa head coach Vinny Cortezzo is arguably the best in the Empire. I’d debate that with anyone. He knows the game from one corner flag to the other and he is a master motivator. On the other hand, do you think MC head coach Debra LaPrath just tosses the soccer balls out on the field and wins games? Oh, no.

This one is really difficult. On balance and overall talent, Carrillo should win. But there is something telling me it will not be a 2-0 MC victory as it was earlier in the season.

I can see it being a 1-1 tie and going to penalty kicks. So, just for the sake of argument:

PREDICTION: Casa Grande 5-4 in PKs.
FINAL: Casa Grande 2, Maria Carrillo 0