Unsung Heroes: El Molino’s Tommy Krausmann

El Molino senior running back Tommy Krausmann (Press Democrat photo)

Tommy Krausmann

Senior running back

Notable: Krausmann, a 5-foot-7, 150-pound running back, was the team’s leading rusher (and still is) when he went down with a separated shoulder and ligament damage in his team’s win over Analy on Oct. 15. His doctor said his high school career was likely over; there was only a tiny chance he would heal quick enough to play another game for El Molino. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he still showed up at every practice and every team meeting. He encouraged his teammates and helped the coaching staff with whatever was needed. He pushed himself in physical therapy and surprised his doctor by how quickly he healed. He will play Saturday in front of the home crowd when the Lions host Kelseyville in a first-round NCS game.


PD: How has your playoff experience been so far?
Krausmann: It has definitely been pretty good so far. Everybody is pretty stoked to be here and to get the opportunity to do it. I am really enjoying it.

PD: How much confidence do you have going into this game against Kelseyville this weekend?
Krausmann: We have a lot of confidence so far, so I think we will do pretty well. We just need to play hard, hustle to the ball and make plays.

PD: When you went down with a separated shoulder, did you ever think that you would play again?
Krausmann: No. I wasn’t sure at all actually, so I am pretty excited to get this opportunity. It was pretty devastating, I thought I was done for sure, it sucked.

PD: What was it that kept you going through your injury?
Krausmann: Just the love for the game and being out there with the boys.

PD: You are obviously a great story, coming back from your injury.Do you think that that might help you guys out in this game?
Krausmann: Yeah, I think it will help them, they’re all pretty happy to have me back and they’re all really stoked to have me.

PD: How has your team reacted around you since the injury?
Krausmann: They reacted really well, they are all really happy to have me back. The run game is going really well and we are hitting it pretty hard. All the way through they were keeping me motivated, so it was great.

PD: How much excitement do the El Molino fans bring to the games?
Krausmann: They bring a lot, the fans are great. They always keep us motivated.

PD: What was the worst part about being hurt and unable to play?
Krausmann: The worst part was watching my team out there playing ball and succeeding, knowing that I couldn’t be a part of it.

PD: What has been the most memorable thing in your football career?
Krausmann: Probably the win against Analy this year. Just to get the apple back in that big rivalry so it was great.

— Jonathan Pierce, for The Press Democrat