Unsung Heroes: Tomales’ Justin Brady

Tomales linebacker Justin Brady (courtesy photo).

Justin Brady

Sophomore linebacker

Notable: Brady’s father has been fighting cancer for more than a year and Justin has his same spirit. Only a sophomore, Justin made all-league this year despite worrying about his father. Coach Leon Feliciano says Brady is tough, physical and emotional. His dad has come to a couple of games and Justin shows the same kind of amazing mental strength. Coach said he’s coached a lot of years and Justin is one of the best leaders he has had at Tomales.


PD: How are you preparing mentally and physically for this playoff atmosphere?
Brady: We are pretty much just working hard and pretending like it’s a normal game for us. Kind of ignoring the fact that it is a playoff game.

PD: What has been the biggest reason that Tomales is 8-2 right now?
Brady: Probably from working extra hard and going through all those extra steps. Our two losses from just falling apart, having a breakdown. Our losses were to St. Vincent and McKinleyville. I would say that they were mainly flukes, we didn’t play very well against St. Vincent and McKinleyville was a pretty good game between the two teams, I think that they just beat us.

PD: As a sophomore, how have you been able to become a leader for this team?
Brady: Just trying my hardest and trying to be a role model for the guys. Just working really hard.

PD: What are your expectations of this upcoming game against Upper Lake?
Brady: We are going to come out with intensity, play with a lot of heart and not take any plays off by being lazy. Play as hard as we can until the end.

PD: What has been the aspect of your game that you have improved on the most this season?
Brady: Being faster and quicker. I have gotten a lot faster being on varsity and just getting to the ball quicker.

PD: How has your father’s struggle with cancer affected you on and off the field?
Brady: Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on the field, (and) sometimes helps me work harder, I don’t really know why but it kind of does. Off the field, I can’t really think about the game much because I have other things to do.

PD: Who in your life has had the biggest influence on you as a person?
Brady: Either my dad or some of the varsity players on the team. I really look up to the seniors, they have helped me out a lot and teach me more things about the game. My dad because he just pushes me harder.

PD: How has playing football changed your life?
Brady: It just gets the adrenaline up and helps take my mind off of some things. I don’t think about anything on that football field except football.

— Jonathan Pierce, for The Press Democrat