Unsung Heroes: Fort Bragg’s Alfredo Huerta

Fort Bragg senior receiver Alfredo Huerta (courtesy photo)

Alfredo Huerta
Senior wide receiver

Notable: Last year, Fort Bragg didn’t have a player on the roster capable of playing offensive left tackle. Huerta, a starting wide receiver, volunteered to switch positions for the good of the team. At 165 pounds, he went up against a bigger player every week of the season. With Huerta holding his own at offensive left tackle, Fort Bragg won the North Coast Section Div. IV championship. On defense, he gave up his starting linebacker position and played any spot that needed to be filled.

This year, Fort Bragg is not short on offensive linemen, so Huerta, now a senior, has been able to go back to his favorite position — receiver. He has caught 23 passes for 451 yards with seven touchdowns. According to coach Jack Moyer, Huerta likes the team concept of football, shows up everyday to give his best at practice and is a good student.


PD: What kind of emotions come with the playoffs and how do you like it?
Huerta: Well it comes with excitement, but everyone is always nervous, you get butterflies before games and everyone is just trying to play their hardest. We won the championship last year and I know that the guys are just trying to win it again this year and we are just excited and ready to play.

PD: What do you know about this Berean Christian team?
Huerta: We watched film this week and we have seen them play a little, but we have never seen them in person. From what I have seen I know our team can play really well against them and if we play our best I think we can beat them.

PD: What made you decide to switch from your favorite positions, to fill in the empty slots last year?
Huerta: Last year I actually played left tackle on the team and that was more of a decision to help the team out. Some of the guys on the team last year weren’t getting the plays and so my coach tried me out on the line and I just played well, and this year I really wanted to play at the receiver spot because I had been receiver the years before and I thought that I would be able to help the team out at receiver and I really wanted to play there.

PD: How was it going up against much larger opponents on the offensive line last year?
Huerta: That was a big challenge. I would look at them and be really nervous to go up against them, but once the game starts, the nerves go away. I just knew that the coach had taught us well and that he had taught us all the techniques and I knew that I could take on any guy no matter how big he was.

PD: What was your team’s reaction to you becoming an offensive lineman?
Huerta: They were surprised because I was one of the smaller guys on the line last year and I think that once they saw me play they realized that I was pretty good at it. I was surprised that they even asked me to be on the line, but once I got into it I really knew that that was the best way that I could help my team and they knew it too.

PD: How excited were you to be able to play wide receiver again this year?
Huerta: I was really excited because the line is really fun and you are in on every play, but I really wanted to play receiver because that is where I am more comfortable. This is only my fourth year playing football and last year was my first year playing line. So I was really excited to get back to receiver.

PD: What has been your biggest motivation as a football player?
Huerta: One of the biggest motivations is Coach Moyer because he is always telling us that we are a good team and that we can play with any team if we just believe in ourselves and if we just keep trying and practice hard. He pushes us every day and every practice and he always encourages us to make ourselves better and also my teammates are a big motivation because I want to play good for them to help them so my team can be better and so I just want to help the team.

PD: How have you been able to balance football and schoolwork?
Huerta: That has been difficult to do because football takes so much time, but I have been able to balance it pretty well. I still have straight A’s, it was really difficult though, sometimes I would have to stay up late after practice and sometimes I would have a bad practice because I don’t sleep well but, I just had to fight through it and play every game like it’s my last because I might not be able to play again.

PD: If you could change something about your football career, what would it be?
Huerta: I would have liked to play football earlier because if I had played earlier I would probably be better right now and I would be able to help out my teammates more. I only started playing in eighth grade and then I played soccer in ninth grade and then started playing football again in 10th grade. If I would have played more football I would be a lot better and I would be able to help out more.

— Jonathan Pierce, for The Press Democrat