Unsung Heroes: St. Vincent’s Conor Brown

St. Vincent senior quarterback Conor Brown (courtesy photo)

Conor Brown
Senior QB/DB

Notable: According to coach Gary Galloway, Brown, who weighs only 155 pounds, is the hardest hitter on the team. He’s the emotional leader of the squad. His stats this year have been excellent. He’s completed 114 of 204 passes (56 percent) with 13 TDs and 1,338 yards going into NCS play. He also leads the team with 21 solo tackles and points scored (50).


PD: How has St. Vincent prepared to face Calistoga?
Brown: Through practicing hard, through good coaching, through film studies. We are planning to pass the ball a lot more than run it because of the defensive line and their defensive formations.

PD: How do you feel that your season has gone?
Brown: Until now, not the greatest season we could have had, but I am excited that we are in the playoffs and I feel like the worst parts of our season are insignificant now that we are in the playoffs and it’s exciting.

PD: Your coach said that you played soccer instead of football for a while. What caused that decision?
Brown: My sophomore year I played soccer. As a freshman I played football and I didn’t do so well so I thought that I would try a new sport. I always thought about playing soccer. I played a few years of Pop Warner before so I had been playing football for a while, so I thought maybe I will try a new sport so I played soccer instead of football. I had a lot of fun with it and I don’t regret my decision.

PD: Your coach said that you are the hardest hitter on the team despite only weighing 155 pounds. How do you do that?
Brown: Well, I wouldn’t say that I am the hardest hitter on the team, but I give it my all every play and I play with my heart. It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

PD: How have you been able to become a leader of this team?
Brown: Well, they voted me as one of the captains, so it started there. The respect you get as a captain makes you a better leader every day because you want to fit that role and fit that position. That’s how I have grown to be a leader for this team.

PD: What skill have you been working on this year that you have improved on?
Brown: I would definitely say my footwork. I worked a lot with my three-step drop and my quick drops. We play a spread so I play in the shotgun so my quick three-step drops and my deep three-step drop and that has helped out tremendously.

PD: What preparation have you done to be able to complete 56 percent of your passes with 13 touchdowns?
Brown: Practice, practice, practice. We have an online film site that we can go on and look at film of the teams that we are going to play. That has helped out to look at the other teams before we play them, you get a read on them. It’s helped with pre-snap reads so we know what the defense is going to do, know how they are going to play a certain pass or run.

PD: What are your plans for after graduation?
Brown: I am probably just going to go to college, I don’t really think that I am big enough or good enough to play college football, but I am going to try to play college golf because that is my other sport. I have been playing golf a lot longer than I have been playing football, so if any sport it would be golf. I am applying to a bunch of state schools and a couple of UC schools and I will make my decision when I see where I get accepted to. I don’t really have any specific school in mind.

— Jonathan Pierce, for The Press Democrat