Unsung heroes: Kelseyville’s Garrett Huggins

Editor’s note: The Press Democrat will spotlight a player from each Empire football team selected for the North Coast Section playoffs. Not every player is a star, but the contributions of each of these players are crucial to their teams’ success. Each was nominated by his coach.

Garrett Huggins

Garrett Huggins
Senior, lineman
Notable: At 190 pounds, Huggins didn’t get much playing time this year as the Knights were very big up front; Blake Sedrick at 380 pounds and Nick Cardinale-Smith 305 anchored the middle of the line. But coach Rob Ishihara praised Huggins for his work ethic, despite limited playing time. Huggins never missed a practice and was one of the hardest workers on the team. Kelseyville lost its opening round Division IV game to El Molino.


PD: What can you say about the playoff atmosphere, and how exciting was it?
Huggins: It was nothing like I had expected. It was a such a rush, it’s hard to explain ... you just have to be there to experience it.
PD: How did the kids at school respond to the football team last week?
Huggins: There was a lot of support from the whole student body. It was really cool to be a part of.
PD: What do you think you could have done better to beat El Molino?
Huggins: There were a lot of mistakes that we made. We definitely had the effort there, we just had a lot of mistakes. Without the mistakes we obviously would have done a lot better, but everyone has mistakes.
PD: Your coach said that you would be a starter at most other schools, but because of the size Kelseyville has on the line you don’t get the time you deserve. Did you ever get discouraged?
Huggins: Yeah, I really did, but I did get to go in there and play to give the big guys a rest. All that crossed my mind, but I knew that it was for the best of the team. I also knew that they knew that I was ready to go in whenever they needed to come out.
PD: What kept you going at practice when you are competing with people that are twice your weight?
Huggins: It was really just fighting for position. I really have a lot of self-confidence when it comes to that. I really just enjoy it.
PD: Your coach also said that everyone on the team respects you. How have you gained that respect?
Huggins: I am more of a quiet guy, but I am also really friendly with people and I enjoy being with my friends and I try to help them out as much as I can.
PD: Have you ever considered trying a different position to get more playing time?
Huggins: I really like the defensive line. I was also on the kickoff team, so I was on the field.
PD: How would you describe the 2010 Kelseyville football team?
Huggins: We play with a lot of heart. We gave 110 percent at everything we did. There was not a single day where we didn’t try our hardest.
PD: What are your plans after high school?
Huggins: I am probably just going to go to work after high school. I want to work for Cal Fire.

— Jonathan Pierce