Friday’s NCS wrestling results

High school wrestling
NCS Championships

Team Scores
1, 181.5 De La Salle
2, 123.5 Liberty
3, 122.0 College Park
4, 119.0 James Logan
5, 85.5 Newark Memorial
6, 85.0 Clayton Valley
7, 84.0 Las Lomas
8, 81.0 Castro Valley
9, 79.0 Antioch
10, 77.0 Healdsburg
12, 73.5 Rancho Cotate
14, 69.5 El Molino
18, 63.5 Clear Lake
19t, 56.0 Maria Carillo
19t, 56.0 Windsor
21, 54.0 Ukiah
23, 52.0 Upper Lake
27, 45.5 Casa Grande
33, 36.0 Willits
38, 29.5 Sonoma
47, 21.0 Montgomery
48, 19.5 Analy.

Empire Quarterfinal Results

114—Andres Torres (Windsor) wins maj dec 16-3 Tommy Yozzo (Amador)
132—Blake Borges (El Molino) dec 10-5 Jacob Pratt (Newark-Memorial)
137—Adam Hendrickson (Healdsburg) maj dec 17-3 Anthony Rubio (Newark – Memorial)
147—Jack Fausone (Casa Grande) T-Fall 21-4 Louis Cosce (Hoopa)
154—Robbie Hammer (Clear Lake) dec 11-7 Terin Ocallahan (Livermore)
154—Matthew Tsarnas (Healdsburg) T-Fall 17-0 Mike Tehranian (Las Lomas)
173—Ricardo Sandoval (Healdsburg) Pin 3:30 Zach Forgy (Maria Carillo)
173—Anthony Navarro (Rancho Cotati) dec 4-3 Aaron Swift (Clayton Valley)
217—Will Laster (Ukiah) Pin 4:45 Ben Cerami (Berkeley)
287—Cody Torres (Lowwer Lake) dec 4-2 Spencer Miller (Foothill)
287—Quintton Bowlds (Willits) Inj Dft Joe Azzolino (Marin Catholic)
Note: Semifinalists have won three matches and are guaranteed 6th-place finish. If they win their first match today, they will be in the finals and guaranteed 2nd

Empire Consolation Wrestlers

105—Brian Guerrero (Rancho Cotate)

114—Vincent Luis (Rancho Cotati); 114—Logan Fore (El Molino)

121—Kyle Doughty (Analy); 121—Travis Coleman (Upper Lake); 121—Wences Rojas (Kelseyville)

127—Jake Humble (Clear Lake); 127—Ward Beecher (Upper Lake); 127—Vince Fuesz (El Molino)

132—Trey Saulter (Healdsburg); 132—Rio Nance (Willits); 132—Joey Clay (Rancho Cotati)

137—Kayvon Jabbari (Maria Carillo); 142—Bruce Tucker (Upper Lake); 142—Jonathon Fuentes (El Molino)

147—Garrett Robinson (Montgomery)

154—Riley Hyman (Sonoma)

162—Taryn Christiansen (El Molino); 162—Chris Berg (Ukiah); 162—Nathan Tubbs (Casa Grande); 162—Matt Lockwood (Clear Lake).

173—Zach Forgy (Maria Carillo); 173—Jonny Amandoli (Sonoma)

191—Ethan Roselli (Santa Rosa); 191—Tomas Herbertson (Ukiah); 191—Matt Rossiter (Rancho Cotati); 191—Max Manoukian (Healdsburg)

217—Justin Oxford (Windsor); 217—Robert Morfin (Clear Lake)

287—Eric Chavez (Healdsburg).

Note: Consolation wrestlers are in round of 12. If they win first match today, they will receive minimum of 8th place and can achieve 3rd place with three more wins. Top four places advance to the CIF State Championship Tournament. Those who win their semifinal matches today, by virtue of a guaranteed 2nd place medal, will advance to CIF State.