All-Empire small-school soccer selections

Player of the Year
KATE BAYES, forward
Junior, Sonoma Academy

Sonoma Academy's Kate Bayes led the Coyotes with 49 goals.

Shannon Percell, who took over the Sonoma Academy girls’ team this year, was curious to see how Kate Bayes would respond to being name All-Empire Player of the Year as a sophomore in 2009. Would she be complacent? Carry a sense of entitlement? Percell needn’t have worried. A brilliant athlete (she also stars for the Coyotes basketball team) and a fierce worker on and off the field, Bayes took the ball and ran with it again. She led the Coyotes with 49 goals. “Her skill is unbelievable,” Percell said. “She’s a fun player to watch. She can toy with other players at times, but she steps up when she needs to.” Clear Lake coach Paul Larrea agreed. “If Sonoma Academy did not have Kate Bayes, that would have been a pretty average team,” Larrea said of a group that finished 17-4-1. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she scored 80 percent of their goals.”
— Phil Barber, The Press Democrat

F: Natalia Sumodjo, St. Vincent, Sr.
F: Sara Gambetta, Cloverdale, Sr.
M: Hannah Diaz, Middletown, Sr.
M: Angelica Sotelo, Roseland Prep, Jr.
M: Paula Klug, Fort Bragg, Jr.
M: Atalie Halpin, RVC, Sr.
D: Grace Harryman, Sonoma Academy, Sr.
D: Gabby George, St. Vincent, Jr.
D: Katy August, Middletown, Sr.
D: Tara McCulloch, Sonoma Academy, Soph.
GK: Kaitlyn Mendenhall, RVC, Sr.

F: Willow Gallagher, Sonoma Academy, Soph.
F: Briana Dutcher, Clear Lake, Sr.
M: Shannon Carroll, St. Vincent, Jr.
M: Aime Isias, Roseland Prep, Jr.
M: Marina Spadarotto, St. Helena, Soph.
M: Kelly Wilkinson, Middletown, Soph.
D: Michelle Kelley, RVC, Sr.
D: Lucero Guerrero, Roseland Prep, Sr.
D: MaryCruz Lopez, Cloverdale, Sr.
D: Lucero Trejo, Roseland Prep, Soph.
GK: Ashley Torres, St. Vincent, Sr.

Alexica Bosque, Roseland Prep