Mr. Ochocinco stay out of soccer, please

It’ll be small type in most papers on Wednesday … and rightfully so.
Here is what it will say in part:

After a five-day tryout, NFL star Chad Ochocinco got a spot on the reserve team for Sporting Kansas City of the MLS.

I, for one, have a huge problem with that, assuming you aren’t just an ‘extra’ player on the reserve squad. Why? Well, somewhere today there is a soccer player who has probably put in the better part of his life playing the game and now he is sitting on the sidelines looking in so Mr. Ochocinco can play.

Maybe my thinking has its roots in my childhood when I was sliced from my high school basketball team in favor of a football player so he could “stay in shape.”

I don’t really care how good Mr. Ochocinco is or could have been had he pursued the sport he played in his youth. Fact is, he went for American football, has made a ton of money at it and that is where he should stay.

Well, I’m rootin’ today for that soccer player somewhere in Kansas, whoever he is.