Soccer games are won in June, not September

This post will be brief and it’ll have little or nothing to do with soccer … or will it?

Today (June 13th) was day No. 529 for me. That is 529 straight days of walking 2-4 miles per day.

As I was doing so, partially around the Maria Carrillo High track, I noticed a teen-age boy running laps and a girl working out – stretching, doing situps, jogging.

I don’t know who they were. And it didn’t matter. They might have been soccer players, maybe not. Didn’t matter.

So, how do the two events mesh?

First, if I can muster up enough mental wherewithal to continue exercising over an extended period of time with no excuses, then you have no excuse.

Second, if those two athletes are out there working out on June 13th, why weren’t you and exactly what does it mean?

It means on June 13th is when games in September are won. That’s when you get that extra step, that extra finger-tip stop if you’re a goalie, that extra curve on the shot if you are a forward, you win that extra challenge on the ball if you are a defender.

Games in September aren’t won at an expensive camp in June or with an individual trainer. They are won on a lonely track, a lonely field in June when you are getting mentally and physically tough way before the competition. Just ask any ultra-successful athlete.