North Coast wrestlers ranked

The following rankings of Empire boys wrestlers were put together by North Coast wrestling coaches. We’ll be working with coaches to update the rankings again after this week’s duals and NCS meets, as well as during the postseason. Please weigh in in the comments or email eric [dot] wittmershaus [at] pressdemocrat [dot] com.

We'll be following up with previews of Saturday's girls NCS meet in Pittsburg as well as the boys NCS duals in Lower Lake that same day. Spellings are as provided by coaches, but if anything is amiss, let us know and we will change it ASAP.

108: 1. Perez Perez, Windsor; 2. Ian Bailey, Casa Grande; 3. Jeff Ponce, Kelseyville; 4. Denny Layden, Montgomery; 5. Tyler Hagle, Analy

115: 1. Brian Guerrero, Rancho Cotate; 2. Drew Esquival, Healdsburg; 3. Noah Au-Yeung, Windsor; 4. Joey Gradek, Ukiah; 5. Jose Arreguin, Willits

122: 1. Logan Fore, Windsor; 2. Vincent Luis, Rancho Cotate; 3. Evan Bluestone, Maria Carrillo; 4. Giordi Serafinni, Sonoma; 5. Dylan Smith, Casa Grande

128: 1. Sam Denning, Sonoma; 2. Seth Trunick, Windsor; 3. Marcus Ward, Rancho Cotate; 4. Kyle Doughty, Analy; 5. Ward Beecher, Upper Lake

134: 1. Brandon Painchaud, Lower Lake; 2. Trevor Silva, Windsor; 3. Drey Payne, Ukiah; 4. Dao Jones, Healdsburg; 5. Brandon Rodenberger, El Molino

140: 1. Blake Borges, El Molino; 2. Ishi Silva, Windsor; 3. Alec Wren, Montgomery; 4. Cole Pruett, Petaluma; 5. Michael Nelson, Casa Grande

147: 1. Adam Hendrickson, Healdsburg; 2. Chris Moreno, Cardinal Newman; 3. Max Schimm, Sonoma; 4. Cody Roe, Windsor; 5. Fabian Vazquez, Maria Carrillo

154: 1. Jack Fausone, Casa Grande; 2. Chris Berg, Ukiah; 3. Joey Clay, Rancho Cotate; 4. Dominic Merlo, Healdsburg; 5. Bruce Tucker, Upper Lake

162: 1. Mathew Tsarnas, Healdsburg; 2. Ty Brantley, Rancho Cotate; 3. Alexander Lee, Windsor; 4. Sean O’Brian, Casa Grande; 5. Justin Perry, Montgomery

172: 1. Anthony Navarro, Rancho Cotate; 2. Tom Bender, Willits; 3. Marcos Anguiano, Healdsburg; 4. Isia Guzeman, Windsor; 5. Spencer Owen, Montgomery

184: 1. Ricardo Sandoval, Healdsburg; 2. Taryn Christiansen, El Molino; 3. Max Oswald, Ukiah; 4. Tyler Carpenter, Cardinal Newman; 5. Eric Greenlee, Windsor

197: 1. Tanner Berncich, Petaluma; 2. James Liggett, Windsor; 3. Brian Northen, Analy; 4. Max Manoukian, Healdsburg; 5. Sage Ritchie, Maria Carrillo

222: 1. Dakota Albaum, Maria Carillo; 2. Aidan Lacy, Sonoma; 3. Christian Delagnes, Windsor; 4. Billy Marshall, Casa Grande; 5. Fono Misi, Rancho Cotate

287: 1. Eric Chavez, Healdsburg; 2. Quintton Bowlds, Willits; 3. Elijah Qualls, Casa Grande; 4. Giuliano Cattaneo, Montgomery; 5. Marko Kovco, Maria Carrillo