Windsor, Healdsburg SCL co-champs after league meet


PETALUMA — Windsor High claimed the team title, but Casa Grande’s Jack Fausone and Elijah Qualls stole the show Saturday at the Sonoma County League wrestling tournament.

Casa Grande’s Fausone needed overtime to pull out a thrilling, 3-1, win over El Molino’s Blake Borges at 154 pounds. Fausone trailed 1-0 with 12.2 seconds left in regulation, but Borges was penalized one point for his third false start to send the match into extra time.

Qualls, ranked sixth among 287-pounders in the North Coast Section, decisioned Healdsburg’s No. 1-rated Eric Chavez in a crowd-pleasing battle where the champion’s strength and athletic ability was more than the technically gifted runner-up could handle.

Healdsburg’s Adam Hendrickson won his fourth SCL title, winning easily at 147 pounds.

The top three finishers in each division advance to the North Coast Section tournament.

Windsor had five weight division champions to claim a co-SCL championship with dual-meet season titlist Healdsburg. The Greyhounds finished second in the tournament held at Casa Grande High.

“No one person made the difference for us,” said Windsor head coach Rich Carnation. “It was a team effort and that’s what makes it so gratifying.”

Perez Perez (108), Logan Fore (122), Seth Trunick (128), Trevor Silva (134), Ishi Silva (140) won individual titles for the Jaguars.

“It feels really good to win the tournament as a team,” Trunick said. “We deserve it. We worked really hard. We have good coaching and good training partners. We knew it would be a battle, but we deserved this win.”

Fore, rated No. 1 in the NCS at 122 points, won by pin in the first round over Sonoma Valley’s Sam Denning.

“He’s a tough kid,” Fore, a transfer from El Molino, said. “I thought the final might be more of a challenge. The team title means a lot. I’m thankful for the great training partners and the great coaching I’ve gotten. That’s what’s most important to me.”

Fausone turned in a heart-stopping effort against a tough opponent in El Molino’s Borges.

The much shorter Borges spent the entire match shooting at the 6-foot-4 Fausone’s legs, only to have the Gauchos’ star lock him up in a match that was scoreless until Fausone was penalized one point for stalling with 38 seconds left in the second period.
“He kept shooting and I kept using the same move that I’d planned to use,” Fausone said. “It was really evenly-matched as it looked.”

When two wrestlers start from mat, the competitor in the top position must wait for the official’s whistle before moving. If the wrestler moves too soon, it’s a false start that earns a warning from the official. Three false starts result in a penalty point.
Borges was in command, leading 1-0, with just 12.2 seconds left in regulation. The two rolled out of bounds to put them back to the middle of the mat, with Borges on top. The El Molino wrestler flinched before the whistle and his third false start of the match tied things 1-1.

“We’d wrestled six really tough minutes,” Fausone said. “I knew that whatever happened in overtime would be something crazy because we were both really tired.”

Borges , again, shot at Fausone’s legs to open overtime. This time, the same counter Fausone had used for six minutes won him the match.

“It was what we’d been doing the entire match, but I think he was just a little weaker in overtime,” Fausone said. “He hit the shot again and tried to roll through it. I had his arm behind him, but I was able to switch a regular cradle and turn him.”
Fausone locked the cradle hold, scored the two-point takedown and won 3-1.

Casa Grande’s Qualls defeated the top-rated Chavez, 7-3, in an awesome display of strength and quickness. Qualls scored a quick takedown by locking Chavez up and twisting him powerfully to the mat. Chavez began to work his way back to his feet, but the bigger Qualls manhandled him to the ground again.

“There are some wrestling techniques that pop into my mind in some situations,” said Qualls. “Mostly I do whatever I have to do and can do to get the other guy on his back.”

While Chavez was the more talented technical wrestler, Qualls relied on skills refined far from high school wrestling practice.
“I really don’t wrestle much differently than I did when I wrestled my dad in the living room growing up,” Qualls said. “Three-quarters of what I do is the same type thing I did wrestling with my dad.”

Chavez used his technical skill to avoid a pin, but simply couldn’t control Qualls. The Gaucho star led just 5-3 with 21 seconds left in the match. He exploded from the down position and, with Chavez holding on, ran three steps and wound up out of bounds with just 6.4 seconds to go. On the restart, Qualls reversed Chavez to win 7-3.

Healdsburg won five individual titles, led by Hendrickson. He won by technical fall in the third round in the most dominant performance of the afternoon. He’ll continue his bid for a third trip to the California Interscholastic Federation meet at the North Coast Section tournament next week.

Drew Esquivel (115), Matthew Tsarnas (162), Marcos Anguiano (172) and Max Manoukian (197) also won weight division titles for the Greyhounds.

Anguiano won his division wrestling with athletic tape wrapped awkwardly over the top of his head and under his jaw to stop bleeding from a scrape on his face.

He and Windsor’s Isai Guzman were tied 6-6 when they restarted the match, with Anguiano in the down position, with just seconds left in regulation.

“I just took a chance,” Anguiano said. “It worked.”

He blasted up and out and the escape just before time ran out earned him a 7-6 win.Windsor wound up with 259 points and Healdsburg 216. 5. Casa Grande finished third at 153.5 points, well ahead of the rest of the pack

El Molino’s Taryn Christiansen won the 184-pound title, upsetting Healdsburg’s Ricardo Sandoval in a battle of the section’s top two in the division.

“He beat me the first time,” said No. 2-rated Christiansen. “I was going for back points and wound up with him winning on a defensive pin. Things went the way I’d hoped today.”

Sonoma Valley’s Aiden Lacey claimed the title at 222, leading from start to finish in a 5-3 victory over Windsor’s Christian Delganes.


Team Scores

Windsor 259, Healdsburg 216.5, Casa Grande 153.5, Analy 72, El Molina 70.5, Sonoma 68, Petaluma 62.
Note: Windsor’s league tournament title combines with Healdsburg’s dual-meet championship to create co-SCL champions.

Individual Results

(Top three wrestlers at each weight class qualify for Feb. 24-25 NCS meet in Newark; 4th place is an alternate):

108: 1. Perez Perez, Windsor; 2. Tyler Hagle, Analy; 3. Nick Newman, Healdsburg; 4. Ian Bailey, Casa Grande.

115: 1. Drew Esquival, Healdsburg; 2. Noah Au-Yeung, Windsor; 3. Giordi Serafini, Sonoma; Seamus Lenham, Casa Grande.

122: 1. Logan Fore, Windsor; 2. Sam Denning, Sonoma; 3. Dylan Smith, Casa Grande; 4. Eric Grajeda, El Molino.

128: 1. Seth Trunick, Windsor; 2. Kyle Doughty, Analy; 3. David Miller, Casa Grande. 4. Braden Rodenberger, El Molino.

134: 1. Trevor Silva, Windsor; 2. Dao Jones, Healdsburg; 3. John Lopez, El Molino; 4. Jackson McCormick, Analy.

140: 1. Ishi Silva, Windsor; 2. Cole Pruett, Petaluma; 3. Jacob Sloma, Healdsburg. 4. Michael Nelson, Casa Grande.

147: 1. Adam Hendrickson, Healdsburg; 2. Cody Roe, Windsor; 3. Sean O’Brian, Casa Grande; 4. Max Schmimm, Sonoma.

154: 1. Jack Fausone, Casa Grande; 2. Blake Borges, El Molino; 3. Ian Black, Healdsburg; 4. Matt Blumenthal, Windsor.

162: 1. Matthew Tsarnas, Healdsburg; 2. Alexander Lee, Windsor; 3. Chris Lowe, Casa Grande; 4. Connor Ragazzino, Petaluma.

172: 1. Marcos Anguiano, Healdsburg; 2. Isai Guzman, Windsor; 3. Nick Pruett, Petaluma; 4. Elias Manesis, Casa Grande.

184: 1. Taryn Christiansen, El Molino; 2. Ricardo Sandoval, Healdsburg; 3. Eric Greenlee, Windsor; 4. Alex Waters, Petaluma.

197: 1. Max Manoukian, Healdsburg; 2. Brian Northen, Analy; 3. James Liggett, Windsor; 4. Tanner Berncich, Petaluma.

222: 1. Aiden Lacy, Sonoma; 2. Christian Delagnes, Windsor; 3. Billy Marshall, Casa Grande; 4. Anthony Vasquez, Healdsburg.

287: 1. Elijah Qualls, Casa Grande; 2. Eric Chavez, Healdsburg; 3. Salvador Carrillo, Windsor; 4. Tony Tayler, Analy.