NCS wrestling: Empire athletes looking strong heading into semis


Empire wrestlers are in strong shape following the quarterfinals Friday at the NCS wrestling meet in Newark.

“The Redwood Empire is represented better than it ever has been, competing for medals,” said Windsor coach Rich Carnation, a league representative for NCS. “We have a lot of kids in the semifinals.”

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Among the big winners in the early rounds was Windsor’s Perez Perez at 108 pounds. Perez, seeded seventh among the 40 wrestlers in his weight class, beat No. 2 seed Christian Lizarraga of San Marin, taking a 16-5 major decision.

Also making the semifinals and going undefeated Friday was Perez’s Windsor teammate, Logan Fore. Fore, seeded third at 122, beat No. 6 Corbin Lee of Mission San Jose to advance to the semifinals.

“He’s been wrestling well all year,” Carnation said. “He’s got some good partners to work out with every day in practice.”

In the semis, Fore will face De la Salle’s Joey Ramirez, the returning section champion from last year. Ramirez is the No. 2 seed this year.

Other Empire wrestlers to advance to semis include Healdsburg’s Adam Hendrickson (154), who beat Cardinal Newman’s Chris Moreno in a 16-2 decision in the quarterfinals. Moreno came into NCS as the No. 7 seed. Hendrickson’s teammate, Matthew Tsarnas, is holding his own as the No. 2 seed at 162.

Rancho Cotate’s Anthony Navarro, another No. 2 seed, held on tight at 172 pounds, eking out an overtime 7-5 decision over Willits’ Thomas Bender.

At 184 pounds, three of the four semifinalists are from Empire schools. Top seed Taryn Christiansen of El Molino is joined by Ukiah’s Max Oswald at No. 3 and Healdsburg’s Ricardo Sandoval at No. 2. Oswald and Sandoval will face each other early today.

At 197, Healdsburg’s Max Manoukian and Petaluma’s Tanner Berncich could meet in the final if each wins his semifinal match, while at 222 pounds Maria Carrillo’s Dakota Albaum will face top seed Alex Encarnacion of College Park this morning.

At heavyweight, Willits’ Quintton Bowlds is the favorite, especially after Casa Grande’s Elijah Qualls defaulted because of injury in the quarterfinals.

At 154 pounds, Casa Grande’s Jack Fausone and Ukiah’s Chris Berg are the two top remaining seeds in the main bracket, while El Molino’s Blake Borges is still seeking a medal in the consolation bracket.

Lower Lake’s Brandon Painchaud, the No. 4 seed at 134, is alive in the semis as well.

For some of the younger and unseeded wrestlers, the goal may not be a section title, but to compete for a medal.

“A lot of our kids from the Redwood Empire have some tough matches to get into the medal rounds,” Carnation said. “But we have a lot of opportunities.

“Redwood Empire parents should be proud.”


89 schools participating
1. De la Salle, 187
2. College Park, 127
3. James Logan, 116.5
4. Liberty, 111
5. Healdsburg, 107
6. Windsor, 100.5
7. Castro Valley, 91
8. Freedom, 78
9. Rancho Cotate, 77.5
10. Foothill, 75
10. (tie) Upper Lake, 75
14. Maria Carrillo, 65
15. Ukiah, 63.5
19. Lower Lake, 53
22. Montgomery, 45
26. Casa Grande, 41
28. Kelseyville, 40.5
33. El Molino, 36.5
37. Cardinal Newman, 34.5
38. Sonoma Valley, 38

Following are more detailed results provided by former Healdsburg assistant wrestling coach Wayne Rogers.

Quarterfinal results involving Empire wrestlers from Friday's NCS Championships

108 pounds: Perez Perez, Windsor, wins 16-5 over Chris Lazaraga, San Marin, to advance to semi finals

115 pounds: Brian Guererro, Rancho Cotate, loses in quarters, needs one win to medal; Giordi Serafini, Sonoma, loses in quarterfinals, needs one moren win to medal

122 pounds: Logan Fore, Windsor, wins 7-2 in OT over Corbin Lee, Mission San Jose, to advance to semi finals

128 pounds: Seth Trunick, Windsor, loses in quarters, needs one more win to medal

134 pounds: Brandon Painchaud, Lower Lake, wins 11-10 over Bryan Jiminez, Clayton Valley, to advance to semi finals

140 pounds: No Redwood Empire wrestlers

147 pounds: Adam Hendrickson, Healdsburg, wins 16-2 over Chris Moreno, Cardinal Newman, to advance to semi finals. Moreno needs one more win to medal

154 pounds: Jack Fausone, Casa Grande, wins 10-7 over Joey Clay, Rancho Cotate. Clay needs one more win to medal; Chris Berg, Ukiah, wins by fall 5:53 over Anthony Rubio, Newark Memorial, to advance to semifinals; Bruce Tucker, Upper Lake, lost in quarters, needs one more win to medal.

162 pounds: Matthew Tsarnas, Healdsburg, wins by fall 2:46 over Tanner Blank, Liberty, to advance to semifinals

172 pounds: Marcus Anguiano, Healdsburg, loses in quarters, needs one more win to medal; Anthony Navarro, Rancho Cotate, wins 7-5 in OT over Thomas Bender, Willits, to advance to semi finals Bender needs one more win to medal

184 pounds: Taryn Christiansen, El Molino, wins 6-0 over Mike Nichols, Marin Catholic, to advance to semifinals; Ricardo Sandoval, Healdsburg, wins by fall 2:35 over Shoiab Rasooli, James Logan, to advance to semifinals; Max Oswald, Ukiah, wins 6-4 over David Kim, Mission, San Jose to advance to semi finals

197 pounds: Max Manoukian, Healdsburg, wins 12-5 over Brian Northen, Analy, to advance to semi finals. Northen needs one more win to medal; Tanner Berncich, Petaluma, wins by fall 1:20 over Jason Price, Hoopa, to advance to semifinals; James Liggett, Windsor, loses in quarterfinals, needs one more win to medal

222 pounds: Dakota Albuam, Maria  Carillo, wins 5-1 over Jhordy Figueroa, Terra Linda, to advance to semifinals; Aiden Lacy, Sonoma, loses in quarters. Needs one more win to medal

287 pounds: Quintain Bowlds, Willits, wins 7-5 in OT over Elmer Hanidy, Newark Memorial, to advance to semi finals; Eric Chavez, Healdsburg, loses in quarters; Elijah Qualls, Casa Grande, loses in quarters; Giuliano Cattaneo, Montgomery, loses in quarters; Chavez, Qualls and Cattaneo each need one more win to medal

Empire wrestlers in consolation bracket who need one win to medal and can finish as high as third

108 pounds: Tony Lopez, Upper Lake

115 pounds: Drew Esquivel, Healdsburg

122 pounds: Briab Blyleven, Clear Lake; Vincent Luis, Rancho Cotate; Evan Bluestone, Maria Carillo

128 pounds: Kyle Doughty, Analy

134 pounds: Trevor Silva, Windsor; Ward Beecher, Upper Lake

140 pounds: Travis Coleman, Upper Lake; Dominick Dingess, Lower Lake

147 pounds: Robert Simondi, Upper Lake

154 pounds: Blake Borges, El Molino

162 pounds: Bradley Brackett, Upper Lake; Spencer Owen, Montgomery

172 pounds: Isia Guzman, Windsor; Thomas Cross Lower Lake

184 pounds: Tyler Carpenter, Cardinal Newman

197 pounds: Shawn Larsen, Clear Lake

222 pounds: Christian Delagnes, Windsor; Joe Valdez, Upper Lake

287 pounds: Marko Kovko, Maria Carillo