Follow tonight's Casa Grande girls and Windsor boys games live

Check in a little before 6 tonight for live coverage of the Casa Grande girls as they take on Carondelet for the NCS Div. 2 basketball championship in Dublin. After the Casa game, I'll roll right on into coverage of Windsor, which plays Newark Memorial for the Div. 2 boys title on the same court.

This is my first time liveblogging basketball, but I'm guessing the action is going to be fast-paced enough that I won't be approving a ton of reader comments unless there's a break in the action. I will keep an eye on them as I type, however, so if you have questions or feedback, fire away.

As a friendly reminder, a little bit of gentle bravado, or smacktalk, is all right, but be polite. These are kids and underpaid coaches we're talking about, not professionals.

Later tonight, we'll have game stories, a column by Bob Padecky and plenty of photos on PD Preps.