NCL III all-league softball team, 2012

The North Central League III all-league softball team is selected by coaches. Names are as-provided but were checked against online rosters where available. If you spot an error, let us know by emailing eric [dot] wittmershaus [at] pressdemocrat [dot] com and we'll fix it.


Matti Matheson, Laytonville, senior


Mady Braught, Laytonville, junior
Natya Cauckwell, Laytonville, junior
Linnea Mitchell, Laytonville, junior
Suzanne Reed, Laytonville, senior
Brittany Rosenthal, Laytonville, sophomore
Mirla Gaxiola, Anderson Valley, junior
Gimmena Manriquez, Anderson Valley, senior
Marisol Jimenez, Anderson Valley, freshman
Heather Perez, Anderson Valley, freshman
Karina Perez, Anderson Valley, junior
Emily Eddie, Potter Valley, senior
Shay Lockhart, Potter Valley, senior
Britlynn Rodriguez, Potter Valley, freshman
Audrianna Rosales, Potter Valley, senior
Kate Kruger, Round Valley, senior


Belen Espinoza, Anderson Valley, freshman
Juana Manriquez, Anderson Valley, freshman
Adelina Sanchez, Anderson Valley, sophomore
Jadine DeNoon, Potter Valley, junior
Alicia Flynn, Potter Valley, sophomore
Hailey Thornton, Potter Valley, freshman