NCL II all-league softball team, 2012

The North Central League II all-league softball team is selected by coaches. Names are as-provided but were checked against online rosters where available. If you spot an error, let us know by emailing eric [dot] wittmershaus [at] pressdemocrat [dot] com and we'll fix it.


Morgan Selmi, St. Vincent de Paul, junior


Ursyla Baumgarten, St. Vincent, sophomore
Shannon Carroll, St. Vincent, senior
Kayla Marshall, St. Vincent, senior
Hayley Olson, St. Vincent, sophomore
Hannah Sarlatte, St. Vincent, freshman
Hannah Upton, St. Vincent, junior
Krystal Castillo, Calistoga, sophomore
Danielle Martin, Calistoga, sophomore
Lexi Monhoff, Calistoga, sophomore
Lily Waggoner, Calistoga, sophomore
Sophia Gaoiran, Rincon Valley Christian, senior
Elise McAllister, Rincon Valley Christian, senior
Zoe Porter, Rincon Valley Christian, senior
Ali Azevedo, Tomales, senior
Kayla Furlong, Tomales, junior
Kat Edmonds, Upper Lake, senior


Jennifer Eastham, St. Vincent, senior
Alexis Torres, St. Vincent, freshman
Erin Lilly, Calistoga, senior
Megan Mead, Rincon Valley Christian, senior
Mariella Lozano, Tomales, senior
Amber McQueen, Upper Lake, senior