Football: Healdsburg prepping for the A-11

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:

Healdsburg will open its season on Sept. 4 against visiting Piedmont, which runs the A-11 offense.

The offense, which was designed by Piedmont coaches Kurt Bryan and Steve Humphries in 2007, typically employs formations with two quarterbacks, three linemen and six wide receivers.

Greyhounds coach Tom Kirkpatrick joked that his defensive coordinator isn’t too thrilled about Piedmont being added to the schedule.

Piedmont’s funky formations have meant some extra work for Healdsburg’s coaches and players. The preparation might be particularly baffling to defensive end Richard Grant, who is playing his first year of football after moving from Australia.

Grant, an accomplished lacrosse player, has been learning a proper three-point stance and how to put on his uniform. Now he’s getting a crash course on the A-11.

Said Kirkpatrick, “I told our team ‘Guys, if you think you’re confused, think about poor Richard.’”