Power shift in girls high school soccer?

In this election year it really isn't hard to find a demographic on just about anything.

So, we will look at the Santa Rosa United Freeze, a U15 girls team, as a barometer on what is to come on the high school scene this season. The Freeze aren't just another club soccer team, they are are a really good club soccer team.

Taking a look at where the 16 girls on the roster at last week's Surf Cup in Del Mar might be an indicator of where the balance of power will be over the next few years in Sonoma County.

Of those 16, seven are headed to Maria Carrillo, the defending 3A NCS champions. And while MCHS head coach Debra LaPrrath won't simply be able to roll the ball out on to the pitch and expect wins, she will have the balance of power on her side for awhile now. The task now will be more of melding that considerable talent together and keeping the egos in check.

Following is the Freeze roster and the high school each will attend:

Mayaka Barton, Maria Carrillo; Chloe Colbert, Sonoma Academy; Brooke Dunbar, MC; Madison Gonzalez, MC; Claire Howard, MC; Alison King, MC; Isabelle Lilly, Analy; Megan Moore, Cardnal Newman; Amara Ortiz, CN; Brianne Parsons, MC; Valerie Perez, Windsor; Sydney Rickert, MC; Savannah Stoughton, SA; Bria Varnbuhler, MC; Samantha Zepponi, Analy; Taylor Ziemer, Montgomery.