Let the soccer games begin!

Are you ready for some soccer?

Well, I am. And unless the schedules have been altered at least one game will be played today (Thursday) when the Analy Tigers boys team travels to Rincon Valley to play host Maria Carrillo at 4 p.m.

And, as tradition beckons, we shall commence with predictions:

Knowing zero, nada, zilch, nothing about either squad, I'll refer to the recent past. Carrillo is almost always at or near the top of the North Bay League standings and ditto for Analy in the Sonoma County League. Coach Peter (Analy) and coach Mike (MC) are two of the best in the high school ranks. Neither are involved in area club soccer so all of their soccer attention is aimed at the high school level. Perfect.

All that said we'll go out on a bit of limb and say the Tigers will play well in this opener and so the final will be…

Analy 3, Maria Carrillo 2