North Central League I all-league football team, 2012

All-Empire teams will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. If you see any typos or factual errors, let us know in the comments and via email to


Zach Smith, Fort Bragg, junior, RB


Neil Dondanville, Fort Bragg, senior, DT


Richard Hoppe, St. Helena, senior, QB
Austin Benson, Middletown, junior, RB
Kailer Collicott, Willits, senior, RB
Luke Punzalan, Clear Lake, senior, RB
Sebastian Segura, St. Helena, junior, RB
Joey Brink, St. Helena, senior, WR
David Mansell, Clear Lake, junior, WR
Zac Cocco, Kelseyville, senior, OL
Michael Coules, Fort Bragg, senior, OL
Litto Damonte, St. Helena, junior, OL
Eric Herrejon, Fort Bragg, senior, OL
Logan Smith, Middletown, senior, OL
SamWhite, Willits, senior, OL


Francisco Otero, St. Helena, senior, DT
Jacob Clark, Fort Bragg, senior, DE
Kile Grayson, St. Helena, junior, DE
Eric Herrejon, Fort Bragg, senior, DE
Brad Beckwith, Middletown, junior, LB
Michael Crean, St. Helena, senior, LB
Jeff Francis, Fort Bragg, senior, LB
Jackson Graff, St. Helena, junior, LB
Luke Punzalan, Clear Lake, senior, LB
Sam White, Willits, senior, LB
Austin Benson, Middletown, junior, DB
Danny Brink, St. Helena, senior, DB
Joey Brink, St. Helena, senior, DB
Kailer Collicott, Willits, senior, DB
Tyler Drew, Middletown, senior, K


Ben Pike, Middletown, senior, QB
Junior Campos, Cloverdale, senior, WR
Todd Waugh, Fort Bragg, senior, WR
Daniel Campbell, Willits, junior, OL
Gannon Laidlaw, St. Helena, sophomore, OL
Knute Meyer, St. Helena, senior, OL
Wyatt Hall, Middletown, sophomore, DT
Jacob Martinek, Kelseyville, senior, DT
Reis Rankin, Willits, senior, LB
Zack Rege, Cloverdale, junior, LB

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