North Central II/Bay Football League all-league team, 2012

All-league teams will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. If you see any typos or factual errors, let us know in the comments and via email to


Mitch Sheppard, St. Vincent, senior, QB
Brian Freeman, Calif. School for Deaf, senior, RB


Jacy Dike, Calif. School for Deaf, senior, LB
Cameron Burston, Stellar Prep, sophomore


Carlos Lopez, Calif. School for Deaf, senior, QB
Dylan Alvarado, Calistoga, junior, RB
Ward Beecher, Upper Lake, senior, RB
Anthony Feliciano, Tomales, junior, RB
Jerry Martin, Emery, senior, RB
Chandler Gumbs, Stellar Prep, sophomore, WR
Frank Stephens, St. Elizabeth, senior, WR
Arman Yektaparast, St. Vincent, senior, WR
Juan Avalos, Tomales, senior, T
Jon Karlsson, Upper Lake, senior, T
Antonio Duran, Emery, senior, G
Connor McVey, Upper Lake, senior, G
Bill Robinson, Upper Lake, senior, C


Josh Briggs, Emery, sophomore, DL
Anthony Feliciano, Tomales, junior, DL
Michaelson Liddle, Calif. School for Deaf, senior, DL
Joe Valdez, Upper Lake, senior, DL
Dylan Alvarado, Calistoga, junior, LB
Ward Beecher, Upper Lake, senior, LB
Melvin Brown, Emery, junior, LB
Michael Carroll, St. Vincent, senior, LB
Jerry Martin, Emery, senior, LB
Danny Alfaro, Calistoga, junior, DB
Travis Coleman, Upper Lake, senior, DB
Davyon Frey, Emery, senior, DB
Trace Martin, Calif. School for Deaf, junior, DB


Camerson Burston, Stellar Prep, sophomore, QB
Dante Johnson, Stellar Prep, sophomore, RB
Derek Murphy, St. Vincent, junior, RB/LB
Davyon Frey, Emery, senior, WR
Matthew Clark, Emery, junior, C
Tate Roseberry, Tomales, senior, DL
Justin Brady, Tomales, senior, LB
Justin Cuevas, St. Elizabeth, senior, LB
Frank Stevens, St. Elizabeth, senior, DB

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