Sonoma County League all-league boys soccer team, 2012

All-league teams, which are selected by coaches, will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. Names are checked against online rosters when available. If you see any misspellings or factual errors, please email


Agustin Reyes, Analy, senior, forward


Jose Avila, Healdsburg, senior, forward
Oliver Borajas, Petaluma, junior, forward
Alejandro Echeverría, Sonoma Valley, junior, forward
Jose Garcia, Elsie Allen, junior, forward
Brian Ruiz, Sonoma Valley, junior, forward
Jordan Vega, Healdsburg, senior, forward
Marco Barragan, Piner, junior, midfielder
Connor Hennen, El Molino, senior, midfielder
Chris Huerta, Elsie Allen, senior, midfielder
Fabian Martinez, Healdsburg, sophomore, midfielder
Carlos Melendez, Elsie Allen, junior, midfielder
Isaac Moore, Analy, senior, midfielder
Tarwinder Purewal, Petaluma, sophomore, midfielder
Cassidy Rosales, Analy, junior, midfielder
Valentin Salas, El Molino, senior, midfielder
Shaq Burton, Analy, junior, defender
Andy Chavez, Sonoma Valley, junior, defender
Luis Corona, Analy, junior, defender
Tobin Gutermuth, Petaluma, senior, defender
Luc Rivetti, Petaluma, senior, defender
Saul Valencia, Analy, sophomore, defender


Nate Boyer, Analy, senior, forward
Fernando Gonzalez, Elsie Allen, senior, forward
Juan Sanchez, Analy, senior, forward
Rogelio Brambila, Petaluma, senior, midfielder
Armando Dominguez, Piner, senior, midfielder
Ivan Galvin, Analy, sophomore, midfielder
Fidel García, Sonoma Valley, senior, midfielder
Jaz Gonzales, Petaluma, senior, midfielder
Oscar Herrera, Healdsburg, junior, midfielder
Wilson Mendoza, Elsie Allen, senior, midfielder
Sean Parratt, Petaluma, senior, midfielder
Jacob Colbert, El Molino, junior, defender
Stefan Flynn-García, Sonoma Valley, senior, defender
Kyle Keough, El Molino, senior, defender
Daniel Montes, Sonoma Valley, senior, defender
Eduardo Olvera, Healdsburg, junior, defender
Edi Oros, Elsie Allen, senior, defender
Alejandro Patino, Healdsburg, senior, defender
Jake Varnadore, Analy, senior, defender
Jacob Wichmann, Petaluma, senior, defender
Alex Coronel, Analy, sophomore, goalkeeper


Max Crysdale, Petaluma, sophomore, forward
Francisco Perez, Piner, senior, forward
Jesus Valasquez, El Molino, junior, forward
Manuel Young, Sonoma Valley, senior, forward
Armando Bautista, Analy, junior, midfielder
Jonathan Campos, Piner, junior, midfielder
Anthony García, Sonoma Valley, junior, midfielder
Francisco Guerrero, Petaluma, junior, midfielder
Alejandro Madrigal, Healdsburg, sophomore, midfielder
Jared Robbins, Analy, junior, midfielder
Connor Sanchez, Analy, junior, midfielder
Austin Beck-Doss, Healdsburg, senior, defender
Luis Giron, Elsie Allen, sophomore, defender
Ryan Ishizu, Petaluma, senior, defender
Alessio Toruno, El Molino, senior, defender
Bryant Gutierrez, Elsie Allen, senior, goalkeeper
Ricky Singleton, Petaluma, senior, goalkeeper


Greg Lamansky, Petaluma
Herbert Lemus, Healdsburg
Peter Meechan, Analy

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