North Bay League all-league girls soccer team, 2012

All-league teams, which are selected by coaches, will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. Names are checked against online rosters when available. If you see any misspellings or factual errors, please email


Offense: Katie Woodrum, Montgomery, senior, midfielder
Defense: Jackie Dutton, Cardinal Newman, junior, defender


Amanda Galbraith, Casa Grande, sophomore, forward
Katie Mohr, Maria Carrillo, senior, forward
Audrey “Zuzu” Romano, Cardinal Newman, senior, forward
Taylor Ziemer, Montgomery, freshman, forward
Arianna Barragan Johnson, Cardinal Newman, senior, midfielder
Mia Costa, Cardinal Newman, junior, midfielder
Miranda Gonzalez, Maria Carrillo, sophomore, midfielder
Victoria Kovatch, Maria Carrillo, senior, midfielder
Paige McMahon, Montgomery, senior, midfielder
Mariah Meuse, Rancho Cotate, senior, midfielder
Dayna Dolcini, Casa Grande, senior, defender
Amanda Morton, Windsor, senior, defender
Katie Prosser, Maria Carrillo, junior, defender
Ali Schaffer, Maria Carrillo, senior, defender


Jaslyn Guillan, Windsor, junior, forward
Jen Yucuta, Montgomery, senior, forward
Sarah Andersen, Santa Rosa, senior, midfielder
Isabella Beal, Montgomery, junior, midfielder
Becca Benjamin, Casa Grande, junior, midfielder
Taylor Enzler, Cardinal Newman, senior, midfielder
Rachel Gugel, Casa Grande, senior, midfielder
Natalia Picano, Maria Carrillo, senior, midfielder
Anna Brazil, Ukiah, sophomore, defender
Natalie Bunch, Rancho Cotate, senior, defender
Lizzy Duport, Rancho Cotate, senior, defender
Amara Ortiz, Cardinal Newman, freshman, defender
Brianne Parsons, Maria Carrillo, sophomore, defender
Morgan Jernigan, Windsor, senior, goalkeeper


Taylor Halstenson, Casa Grande, senior, forward
Mariah Mesa, Windsor, junior, forward
Kristen Sampietro, Maria Carrillo, senior, forward
Maleni Avalos, Santa Rosa, sophomore, midfielder
Emily Donica, Montgomery, senior, midfielder
Alissa Hickling, Rancho Cotate, senior, midfielder
Julianna Mendez, Windsor, senior, midfielder
Sierra Overton, Santa Rosa, junior, midfielder
Anna Weise, Ukiah, sophomore, midfielder
Sadie James, Cardinal Newman, senior, defender
Kendra Kane, Rancho Cotate, senior, defender
Madison Minton, Maria Carrillo, senior, defender
Megan Moore, Cardinal Newman, freshman, defender
Emily Welter, Casa Grande, senior, defender
Shyniah Austin, Montgomery, junior, goalkeeper
Ali Milone, Ukiah, junior, goalkeeper

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