Sonoma County League all-league volleyball team, 2012

All-league teams, which are selected by coaches, will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. Names are checked against online rosters when available. If you see any misspellings or factual errors, please email


Mackenzie Albrecht, Sonoma Valley, sophomore, setter


Paula Clarey, Petaluma, senior, outside hitter
Julia Garner, El Molino, senior, outside hitter
Delaney Swanson, Sonoma Valley, sophomore, outside hitter
Maggie VanWeele, Analy, junior, outside hitter
Maddie Mehciz, Petaluma, sophomore, setter
Emma Tyman, Healdsburg, junior, setter
Allyson Beckwith, Sonoma Valley, senior, middle hitter
Katie Breuer, Petaluma, sophomore, middle hitter
Julia Somers, Healdsburg, sophomore, middle hitter
Anastasia Claros, Sonoma Valley, sophomore, libero
Bryce Gevas, Analy, senior, libero


Joelle Krist, Petaluma, sophomore, outside hitter
Christie Smith, Healdsburg, senior, outside hitter
Erica Miller, Elsie Allen, junior, outside hitter
Noemi Sanchez, Piner, senior, outside hitter
Lizzouli Vega, Healdsburg, sophomore, outside hitter
Abby Groth, Analy, sophomore, setter
Ayesha Gulley, Analy, senior, middle hitter
Angela Halverson, El Molino, senior, middle hitter
Gianna Monterosso, Sonoma Valley, junior, setter
Kayla Allen, El Molino, sophomore, libero
Saba Kemmer, Petaluma, junior, libero
Alexis Long-Am, Sonoma Valley, senior, defensive specialist


Sina Fuiava, Analy, junior, outside hitter
Steffanie Tran, Piner, junior, setter
Morgan Finley, Piner, junior, middle hitter
Morgan Giraud, Petaluma, sophomore, middle hitter
Bianca Nicastro, Healdsburg, junior, middle hitter
Ciara Smith, Sonoma Valley, sophomore, middle hitter
Morgan Would, El Molino, junior, opposite hitter
Diana Lizalde, Elsie Allen, libero
Ursula Lopez, Healdsburg, sophomore, libero
Gaby Allen, Analy, junior, defensive specialist

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