North Bay League boys soccer all-league team, 2012

All-league teams, which are selected by coaches, will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. Names are checked against online rosters when available. If you see any misspellings or factual errors, please email


James Pierpoint, Maria Carrillo, senior, forward


Dontae Garcia, Maria Carrillo, senior, forward
Darian Huerta, Maria Carrillo, sophomore, forward
Alfredo Salazar, Santa Rosa, senior, forward
Michael Tafolla, Rancho Cotate, senior, forward
Noah Wilson, Casa Grande, junior, forward
Ray Boateng, Rancho Cotate, junior, midfielder
Marco Nunez, Ukiah, senior, midfielder
Moises Palomares, Casa Grande, senior, midfielder
Eduardo Rodriguez, Rancho Cotate, senior, midfielder
Clay Varnbhuler, Maria Carrillo, junior, midfielder
Simon Bell, Cardinal Newman, senior, defender/midfielder
Julio Chavez, Montgomery, junior, defender
Andres Flores, Windsor, senior, defender
Orville Gramajo, Casa Grande, senior, defender
Sam Hauptman, Maria Carrillo, senior, defender
Armando Perez, Windsor, senior, defender
Alberto Alvarado, Montgomery, junior, goalkeeper/forward
James Del Curto, Cardinal Newman, senior, goalkeeper/forward


Urbano Ortiz, Santa Rosa, junior, forward
Juan Contreras, Rancho Cotate, senior, midfielder
Oscar Soto, Montgomery, freshman, midfielder
Francisco Villegas, Casa Grande, junior, midfielder
Celso Vlencis, Casa Grande, senior, midfielder
Austin Alvarez, Cardinal Newman, senior, defender
Ivan Barba, Windsor, junior, defender
Ricardo Chavez, Casa Grande, junior, defender
Allan Gomez, Rancho Cotate, senior, defender
James Iroz, Montgomery, senior, defender
Kevin Leon, Rancho Cotate, sophomore, defender
Kevin Leon, Windsor, junior, defender
Nick Lynn, Maria Carrillo, senior, defender
Omar Reyes, Ukiah, junior, defender
George Sakopoulos, Cardinal Newman, junior, defender
Jason Sampietro, Maria Carrillo, senior, defender
David Shepperd, Maria Carrillo, senior, defender
Erik Nunn, Maria Carrillo, sophomore, goalkeeper


Mike Mastin, Maria Carrillo

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