SRU tryouts on the horizon

August and high school soccer might seem like a long way away … but it’s not.

So, just how do you get ready for that season and when do you start?  The how can be answered with a couple of options – do it on your own or join a club soccer team at some level. The when is easy: how about now.

If you choose the “go it alone” route, then devise a plan, grab a ball and start juggling, dribbling and of course – run, run, run. Now is when you will help your team win games in September. Little or no expense traveling this route.

But should you opt for a club journey, the oldest and largest club in Sonoma County – Santa Rosa United – will be holding tryouts starting Feb. 24th for U8-U14 teams. There are year-round tryouts for U15-U23 teams and all are held at Trione Field which happens to be across the street from Cardinal Newman High.

If you are interested and would like more details you can phone SRU at 707-541-7627 or you can contact club officials via email at

Tryouts are Feb. 24-25 and 27; and March 2-3 and for specific dates and times go to the club website at

Some of the facts the club advertises are: highest quality and most qualified soccer coaches in NorCal; club puts school first, soccer second; players can play other sports; SRU’s financial assistance program is one of the largest in California; and SRU has some of the lowest dues in Norcal, U8-U23.

You might want to have a club official expand on each of those just to make certain that everyone is on the same page and then you are on your way to another high school season.

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