Parmeter takes over El Molino football

New El Molino football coach Randy Parmeter works with students on weight training. Parmeter played at El Mo in the early 1990s.

New El Molino football coach Randy Parmeter works with students on weight training. Parmeter played at El Mo in the early 1990s.


Success has been fleeting for El Molino football but the Lions’ new coach is passionate about the program’s potential.

Randy Parmeter has been a student of the game since his playing days at the Forestville school. After honing his coaching chops at three Sonoma County schools, Parmeter said he is ready to put the bite back in the Lions.

“I bring valuable experience. I’ve been there when the school had success and when it didn’t,” Parmeter said. “I think these kids deserve a chance at success.”

An assistant on El Molino’s North Coast Section playoff team three seasons back, Parmeter was on the Cardinal Newman staff the past two seasons. Those Cardinals teams came up just short of CIF state championships.

With the departure of Matt Transue, who lost his teaching post at El Molino due to budget cuts, Parmeter was a sound selection, said athletic director Mike Roan. Also the El Molino junior varsity football coach, Roan said the upside of having one of El Molino’s own on the sidelines can’t be overstated.

“He brings a lot of passion, knowledge of the game and commitment to the table,” Roan said. “I think he can bring El Molino football to a place where we are constantly competitive and in the hunt for a title in the Sonoma County League, and qualify for the North Coast Section playoffs on a regular basis.”

A defensive back at El Molino in the early 1990s, Parmeter also played at both Mendocino and Santa Rosa junior colleges, and then for Humboldt State. A teammate on that Mendocino squad was current Cardinal Newman head coach Paul Cronin.

Two other Cardinal Newman assistants have coached at El Molino: Tony Saiz is a former Lions head coach; Matt Dimeola played and coached at El Molino.

“To me what those connections say is there’s a potential for success,” Parmeter said.

Agreeing with that assessment is Cronin, who valued Parmeter’s contributions as a Cardinal Newman offensive line coach and mentor to prep athletes.

“In my opinion he is the perfect guy to help El Molino grow as a football program. He will work extremely hard for the athletes,” Cronin said.

Devoted to learning football’s foundations and mentored through a top prep program, Parmeter, 37, wants to bring winning back to El Molino.

“I’ve had experience with what it takes to be a successful program,” Parmeter said.

Before his Cardinal Newman seasons, Parmeter also coached at St. Vincent between two stints at El Molino.

One of El Molino’s best seasons of late was 2010, when the Lions won a section contest. Then-varsity head coach Roan said Parmeter, as defensive coordinator, was a big source of the team’s success.

“It is no coincidence that year was one of the most successful in recent history for El Molino,” Roan said. “I believe he will be able to generate and sustain the momentum needed to move this football program forward.”

Building a consistent winner begins with numbers. Parmeter’s first task has been getting enough players out to create both a sustainable and competitive program.

El Molino resumed junior varsity football in 2012 after not fielding a team the previous season. Parmeter wants to bring back freshman football, too. So he has walked and worked the campus at wrestling matches, basketball games and other events.

“You’ve got to go out there and look for prospects,” he said.
To that end, Parmeter recognizes the need for a smaller school to nurture athletes playing more than one sport. El Molino coaches promote integrated strength and conditioning across multiple sports.

Study halls and tutoring to keep student athletes current with academic tasks is a related goal. Success is measured in class as well as on the field.

“It will be a challenging process. Can it be done? Absolutely,” Parmeter said.

A positive and knowledgeable coach, Parmeter is prepared for the task, Cronin said.

“Randy has a great sense of how high school athletics can be a great vehicle to help young men learn valuable life lessons,” Cronin said. “To build a consistent winner out at El Molino will be a challenge, which I would be surprised if Randy did not accomplish.”

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