NCS Swimming & Diving Championships: Young, Bauer, Scott lead Empire advancers


Cardinal Newman's Taylor Young. (Photo by John Burgess, The Press Democrat)

Cardinal Newman’s Taylor Young. (Photo by John Burgess, The Press Democrat)

Cardinal Newman’s Taylor Young led Redwood Empire swimmers advancing to Saturday’s finals at the NCS Swimming Championships with second-place finishes in the preliminary heats of the 200 Individual Medley and 100 Breaststroke.

Montgomery’s Jenna Bauer is seeded second in the 500 Free and third in the 200 Free going into finals. Riley Scott of Petaluma earned a third seed in both the 200 IM and 100 Breaststroke. Analy’s Rebecca Baxley also qualified for two championship finals — advancing in fourth position in the 100 Back and eighth in the 100 Free.

Among the boys, Jonathan Knox of Analy was the Empire’s top seed — his time of 49.67 placed him third in the 100 Back preliminaries and was also an Empire record. Earlier in the day, Knox set an Empire record in the 200 Free, qualifying fifth in that event. Kevin Mertz of Santa Rosa qualified for the championship final of the 500 Free, finishing fifth in the preliminary heats.

Finals will be held Saturday at Concord Community Pool.

In diving finals Friday, Montgomery’s Tanner McDonald placed fourth. His 11-dive total of 382.85 was the 13th-best time ever by a Redwood Empire diver.

Ruben DiRado compiled the information for this report.

High school swimming

North Coast Section Championships


Preliminary round — Empire results only

Top 16 advance to Saturday’s finals

q = qualified for finals

# = school record

% = Empire record


200 Yard Medley Relay

21. Maria Carrillo (Shannon Fong, Stefan Keller, Chris Olson, Cliff Tai), 1:40.82# (Redwood Empire 9th all-time)

32. Technology (Trystan Brown, Curtis Shinn, Douglas Dang, David Luo), 1:44.40#

— Casa Grande (Taka Shimokabe, Mark Samet, Henry Steiner, Max Yu), disqualified

200 Freestyle

5. Jon Knox, Analy, 1:39.67q#% (Redwood Empire all-time record, old record 1:41.13, Matt Stuhr, Maria Carrillo, 2009)

13. Kevin Mertz, Santa Rosa, 1:41.87q# (5th all-time)

26. Shannon Fong, Maria Carrillo, 1:47.22

200 Individual Medley

11. Stefan Keller, Maria Carrillo, 1:55.81q (his best 1:55.67)

22. Trystan Brown, Technology, 1:59.27#

100 Butterfly

12. Shannon Fong, Maria Carrillo, 51.53q (his best 50.66)

31. Henry Steiner, Casa Grande, 53.64

100 Freestyle

13. Nathan Kuhn, Analy, 47.40q# (5th all-time)

500 Freestyle

5. Kevin Mertz, Santa Rosa, 4:33.22q# (4th all-time)

22. Aric Lang, Rancho Cotate, 4:53.30

200 Freestyle Relay

25. Ukiah (Trevor Oldham, Roe Kleain, Harris Bedford, Daniel Selzer), 1:32.34

30. Analy (Kuhn, Knox, Spencer Perdue, Jake Gibbs), 1:33.91

32. Technology (Shinn, Luo, Dang, Brown), 1:34.37#

37. Maria Carrillo (Tai, Olson, Daniel Virtue, Jonathan Lu), 1:35.31

100 Backstroke

3. Jonathan Knox, Analy, 49.67q#% (Redwood Empire all-time record, old record Ben Whitenack, Healdsburg, 50.41, 2010)

14. Nathan Kuhn, Analy, 52.12q (6th all-time)

18. Ben Crabb, Windsor, 53.16# (11th all-time)

29. Trystan Brown, Technology, 54.38 (=15th all-time)

100 Breaststroke

18. Stefan Keller, Maria Carrillo, 59.91 (his best 59.52)

24. Mark Samet, Casa Grande, 1:00.66

32. Curtis Shinn, Technology, 1:01.66#

400 Freestyle Relay

21. Maria Carrillo (Fong — 100 leadoff split of 48.28/15th all-time, Tai, Keller, Olson), 3:19.85# (8th all-time)


200 Yard Medley Relay

10. Analy (Rebecca Baxley, Lily Maxfield, Lani Auva’a, Christy Schlutius), 1:49.15q# (5th all-time)

15. Montgomery (Jenna Bauer, Kate Sabourin, Angelica Nowack, Danielle Illing), 1:51.04q (7th all-time)

20. Maria Carrillo (Katie Chesnut, Piper Brockley, Victoria Le, Lauren Talkington), 1:53.09

25. Santa Rosa (Celine Sargis, Berklee Welsh, Taylor Sargis, Caroline Mertz), 1:54.40

200 Freestyle

3. Jenna Bauer, Montgomery, 1:49.24q (her best 1:48.95)

16. Reid Whaley, Casa Grande, 1:53.03q# (4th all-time)

26. Angelica Nowack, Montgomery, 1:55.55 (13th all-time)

200 Individual Medley

2. Taylor Young, Cardinal Newman, 2:02.03q# (3rd all-time)

3. Riley Scott, Petaluma, 2:03.82q# (5th all-time)

15. Kate Sabourin, Montgomery, 2:10.60q (her best 2:09.24)

17. Georgie Pettibone, Analy, 2:10.78 (20th all-time)

30. Lily Maxfield, Analy, 2:12.99

50 Free

17. Piper Brockley, Maria Carrillo, 24.33

36. Celine Sargis, Santa Rosa, 25.32

100 Butterfly

16. Victoria Le, Maria Carrillo, 57.45 (9th all-time); 56.69q to win swim-off tie breaker and advance (4th all-time)

25. Lani Auva’a, Analy, 58.04 (14th all-time)

28. Micaela Luders, Windsor, 58.56 (her best 57.42)

100 Freestyle

8. Rebecca Baxley, Analy, 51.95q (her best 51.16)

500 Freestyle

2. Jenna Bauer, Montgomery, 4:50.48q (her best 4:49.52)

22. Jessica Lee, Windsor, 5:12.73 (18th all-time)

28. Kate Sabourin, Montgomery, 5:15.53

200 Freestyle Relay

19. Analy (Baxley -50 leadoff split 24.15#/6th all-time, Auva’a, Georgie Pettibone, Schlutius), 1:40.82# (2nd all-time)

27. Maria Carrillo (Brockley -50 leadoff split 24.27/10th all-time, Chesnut, Le, Talkington), 1:42.97

34. Santa Rosa (Welsh, Mertz, T. Sargis, Sierra Macken), 1:45.79

100 Backstroke

4. Rebecca Baxley, Analy, 55.63q (her best 55.52)

16. Micaela Luders, Windsor, 57.97q (her best 56.89)

17. Reid Whaley, Casa Grande, 58.13# (8th all-time)

28. Celine Sargis, Santa Rosa, 1:00.05 (16th all-time)

100 Breaststroke

2. Taylor Young, Cardinal Newman, 1:02.63q (her best 1:02.44)

3. Riley Scott, Petaluma, 1;02.74q# (3rd all-time)

9. Georgie Pettibone, Analy, 1:04.51q# (6th all-time)

10. Piper Brockley, Maria Carrillo, 1:04.92q# (8th all-time)

11. Lily Maxfield, Analy, 1:05.02q (9th all-time)

400 Freestyle Relay

15. Montgomery (Illing, Sabourin, Nowack, Bauer), 3:38.88q (8th all-time)

20. Santa Rosa (T. Sargis, Welsh, Mertz, C. Sargis), 3:45.52

26. Analy (Auva’a, Schlutius, Maxfield, Pettibone), 3:46.48

32. Maria Carrillo (Chesnut, Talkington, Le, Kayla Frank), 3:50.13

34. Cardinal Newman (Young — 100 leadoff slpit 51.96#/6th all-time, Morgan Edgar, Shelbi Raasch, Julia Personeni), 3:51.05

40. Ukiah, (Mariah Larwood, Sophia Cichocki, Victoria Yanez, Maggie Selzer), 3:58.59

High school diving

North Coast Section Championships


High school boys 11 dives

Tanner McDonald, Montgomery, placed fourth. His 11-dive total of 382.85 was the 13th-best time ever by a Redwood Empire diver.

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