Sonoma County League all-league softball, 2013

All-league teams, which are selected by coaches, will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. Names are checked against online rosters when available. If you see any misspellings or factual errors, please email

Sonoma County League

Most Valuable Player

Dana Thomsen, Petalum, senior

First Team

Gina Barnacle, Petaluma, senior

Brianna Gerhardt, Petaluma, sophomore

Joelle Krist, Petaluma, sophomore

Amber Rose, Sonoma Valley, junior

Julianna Gutierez, Sonoma Valley, senior

Rosalina McClelland, Analy, freshman

Maria Ragusa, Analy, senior

Madi Ortega, Analy, senior

Caitie Diedrich, Analy, junior

Allison Lopez, Piner, senior

Kayla Allen, El Molino, sophomore

Second Team

Katy Bisges, Petaluma, sophomore

Nicole Weicks, Petaluma, senior

Meghan DeCoite, Petaluma, sophomore

Alina Goodrum, Analy, junior

Haley Sheridan, Analy, junior

Ashley Vail, Sonoma, senior

Riley Ellis-Reis, Sonoma, senior

Zoe Gaardner, Sonoma, senior

Sarah Winestock, Healdsburg, senior

Kaitlin Collard, Piner, senior

Haley Millerick, El Molino, sophomore

Laura Flowers, Elsie Allen, junior

Honorable Mention

Miranda Swanson, Petaluma, sophomore

Taylor Kerrigan, Petaluma, sophomore

Cassidy Eterovich, Analy, senior

Michelle Stovall, Sonoma, junior

Tali Soroker, Sonoma, senior

Megan Chetham, El Molino, junior

Olivia Gevas, El Molino, junior

Mikayla Froom-Rodgers, Healdsburg, senior

Yasmin Morales, Elsie Allen, junior

Amelie Giampoli, Elsie Allen, junior

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