Sonoma County League, all-league baseball, 2013

All-league teams, which are selected by coaches, will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. Names are checked against online rosters when available. If you see any misspellings or factual errors, please email

Sonoma County League

Player of the Year

Darin Newman, Analy, senior

Coach of the Year

Jeff Ogston, Analy

First Team


Dan Deely, Sonoma, junior

Blake Patrick, Petaluma, senior

Sam Wells, Analy, senior

Jonah Son, Sonoma, senior


Vince Albano, Sonoma, junior

Corey Echols, Petaluma, senior

Bryan Lococo, Piner, senior


Austin Thomason, Petaluma, junior


Jimmy Flatt, Sonoma, junior

Scott Hilbert, Petaluma, senior

Garrett Hill, Analy, junior

Jae Wagner, Analy, junior

Dominic Grillo, Piner, senior

Designated hitter

Ricky Thokle-Sample, Analy, senior


Jaymes Potts, Petaluma, senior

Second Team


Tony Martignoli, Piner, sophomore

Nico Formosa, Piner, junior

Baxter Ming, El Molino, senior

Jake Garcia, Healdsburg, senior


Benny Shakked, Healdsburg, junior

Cody Newman, Healdsburg, freshman

Evan Hill, Analy, junior


Grant St. Martin, Analy, junior


Robert Hatcher, Healdsburg, junior

Connor McKay, Healdsburg, junior

Dominic Padilla, Analy, senior

Ry McAuliffe, Analy, senior

Elijah Larsen-Yskamp, El Molino, sophomore


Mitch Williams, Healdsburg, sophomore

Caleb Romero, Elsie Allen, sophomore

Honorable Mention

C.J. Vitale, Sonoma, sophomore

James Hess, Sonoma, junior

Robert Santos, Piner, sophomore

Ian Carpenter, Piner, senior

Bradley Snetsinger, Piner, sophomore

Jacob Colbert, El Molino, junior

Eli Warner, El Molino, junior

Austin Gabbert, Petaluma, sophomore

Hunter Williams, Petaluma, sophomore

Tommy Quinn, Petaluma, senior

Gus Morris, Healdsburg, junior

Trent Wilkins, Healdsburg, sophomore

Ernie Cortez, Elsie Allen, junior

Dylan Mathias, Analy, senior

Joaquin Meckler-Pacheco, Analy, junior

Jacob McKnight, Analy, senior

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