North Bay League all-league baseball, 2013

All-league teams, which are selected by coaches, will be appearing in the paper a few days after they’re posted online. Names are checked against online rosters when available. If you see any misspellings or factual errors, please email

North Bay League

Player of the Year

Francis Christy, Casa Grande, senior

Coach of the Year

Paul Maytorena, Casa Grande

Outfielders, First Team

Jared Lablue, Montgomery, senior

Richard Lile, Casa Grande, junior

Erik Owenson, Cardinal Newman, senior

Charlie Parnow, Casa Grande, senior

Alex Roeser, Cardinal Newman, sophomore

Ryan Walsh, Rancho Cotate, senior

Outfielders, Honorable Mention

Austin Calos, Cardinal Newman, senior

Iggy Llorence, Casa Grande, senior

Infielders, First Team

Ridge Etchell, Cardinal Newman, senior

Troy Kennedy, Windsor, junior

Jake Scheiner, Maria Carrillo, senior

Andrew Vaughn, Maria Carrillo, freshman

Michael Walker, Santa Rosa, junior

Mitchell West, Montgomery, junior

Infielders, Honorable Mention

Myles Andrews, Maria Carrillo, sophomore

Rylan Kobre, Montgomery, junior

Henry Stelzner, Montgomery, junior

Cal Fazzio, Windsor, senior

Casey Longaker, Casa Grande, sophomore

Kevin McGuiggan, Rancho Cotate, senior

Jeff Piver, Ukiah, senior

Mitchell Wilhelmsen, Cardinal Newman, senior

First baseman, First Team

George Foster, Cardinal Newman, senior

Zach Scott, Maria Carrillo, sophomore

First baseman, Honorable Mention

Nate Bills, Casa Grande, junior

Connor Franz, Ukiah, senior

Trent Wells, Windsor, senior

Catchers, First Team

Ryan Haugh, Rancho Cotate, senior

Josh Lenney, Montgomery, junior

Catchers, Honorable Mention

Ricky Clark, Cardinal Newman, senior

Tano Garza, Santa Rosa, senior

Keith Wallach, Maria Carrillo, junior

Utility players, First Team

Peter Hoge, Maria Carrillo, junior

Mitchell Wilhelmsen, Cardinal Newman, senior

Utility players, Honorable Mention

Clayton Andrews, Maria Carrillo, sophomore

Chris Del Santo, Rancho Cotate, senior

Marcus Hollingsworth, Santa Rosa, freshman

Dylan Lancaster, Ukiah, junior

Zack Schimek, Casa Grande, senior

Will Felton, Rancho Cotate, senior

Anthony Sosa, Rancho Cotate, senior

Pitchers, First Team

Anthony Bender, Casa Grande, senior

Connor Littleton, Rancho Cotate, junior

Eric Parnow, Casa Grande, sophomore

Jeff Piver, Ukiah, senior

Anthony Prince, Montgomery, junior

James Proctor, Cardinal Newman, senior

Alec Rennard, Maria Carrillo, senior

Pitchers, Honorable Mention

Cal Clamar, Santa Rosa, sophomore

Ridge Etchell, Cardinal Newman, senior

Zak Faber, Cardinal Newman, senior

Dominic Garihan, Casa Grande, junior

Zach Scott, Maria Carrillo, sophomore

Francisco Sosa, Windsor, junior

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