Sonoma County League all-league girls soccer, 2013

Editor’s note: All-league teams are selected by coaches. Names are checked against online rosters when available. If you see any misspellings or factual errors, please email



McKenzie Maher, Petaluma, F, Sr.

Offensive Player of the Year

Brooklyn Varnadore, Analy, F/MF, Jr.

Defensive Player of the Year

Rachel Hargrave, Analy, D, Sr.

First Team

Kaylee Castro, Analy, MF, Sr.

Mackenzie Boulton, Analy, F, Sr.

Sami Zepponi, Analy, MF, Soph.

Jillian Van Riper, Analy, F, Jr.

Gabi Lemos, Petaluma, MF, Jr.

Marissa Bordessa, Petaluma, F, Sr.

Bella Santia, Petaluma, MF, Sr.

Maria Howing, Sonoma Valley, MF, Sr.

Kirsten Hodgson, Sonoma Valley, D, Sr.

Megan Neely, Sonoma Valley, D, Sr.

Juana Nunez, Piner, D, Sr.

Val LaForge, El Molino, MF, Sr.

Jocey Santibanez, El Molino, GK, Jr.

Anacari Anguiano, Healdsburg, MF

Second Team

Amanda Nebozuk, Analy, D, Fr.

Erika Munoz, Analy, MF, Fr.

Nacala Newman, Analy, D/MF, Sr.

Annie Madden, Petaluma, GK, Jr.

Olivia Stewart, Petaluma, MF, Jr.

Liza Bernard, Petaluma, D, Jr.

Cassie Baddeley, Petaluma, D, Jr.

Ellen Angeloni, Sonoma Valley, F, Sr.

Annie Greenslade, Sonoma Valley, D, Soph.

Annie Lilienthal, Sonoma Valley, F, Fr.

Viola Choice, Piner, F, Sr.

Madison Dean, El Molino, MF, Soph.

Anamaria Morales, El Molino, D, Soph.

Hannah Holden, Healdsburg, MF

Honorable Mention

Miranda Ward, Analy, D, Soph.

Bailey Cahill, Analy, GK, Soph.

Hannah DeVoe, Petaluma, F, Fr.

Amy Ferrick, Petaluma, F, Fr.

Megan Stavish, Petaluma, D, Soph.

Alyssa Medeiros, Petaluma, F, Sr.

Shelley Marmaduke, Sonoma Valley, F, Jr.

Christen Silkey, Sonoma Valley, GK, Jr.

Katie Stovall, Sonoma Valley, MF, Fr.

Lauren Lau, Piner, D, Fr.

Lindsey Snetsinger, Piner, MF, Fr.

Emily Dean, El Molino, MF, Soph.

Jazmine Belmont, El Molino, MF, Soph.

Jordan Whitemore, Healdsburg, D

Ellie Vargas, Healdsburg, MF

Coach of Year

Chris Daly, Petaluma

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